Good Advice

You have probably heard it said that you should never shop when you are hungry. We made that mistake earlier this week and ended up with this.

GFS or Gordon Food Service was our last stop before lunch, and it was at least an hour past our usual lunch time.

It wasn’t a practical purchase and normally I wouldn’t have even considered it because:

  • It is way too much cheesecake for just the two of us.
  • It was very pricey.
  • I am always baking homemade desserts and could make something just as good for less money.

I am well aware that my/our growling stomachs had much to do with my/our decision to buy this cheesecake and have since rationalized it by saying this is my birthday week so I will have a piece each day to celebrate. Tomorrow we will put a candle in one. LOL!

Have you ever shopped when you are hungry?

32 thoughts on “Good Advice

  1. Oh, no! I forgot your birthday! I hope it was a great one. You deserve the best.
    I would have been tempted by that cheesecake also, if I were to come upon it in a store. In fact, after seeing the picture, I am thankful that the nearest Gordon’s food service is a thousand miles away. If it weren’t I would be tempted to get one myself. LOL. Do you think I shouldn’t read blogs before I eat something?


    1. Thank you! My birthday was very nice. Actually, one blogger that I follow use to do restaurant reviews, but she also loved to cook. She always had amazing food pictures on her blog. I often found myself getting hungry when reading her blog. LOL!


    1. Thank you, Rory. I agree 100% about having some little luxuries but this situation was different. I wasn’t thinking with my brain when I handed the cheesecake to my husband to put in our shopping cart – just responding to what my eyes were seeing and my stomach was feeling. LOL! If it happened too often it could be dangerous for both our physical and financial health.

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    1. I know – it’s like my eyes and stomach were in cahoots – eyes say “that looks soo good”. Stomach says – “gotta have it”. Together they override my (practical) brain. LOL!
      Thanks for the birthday wishes.๐Ÿ’–


  2. Happy birthday! Hope you have a marvelous day.

    I shop when hungry and when sated. It doesn’t make much difference, because I generally buy only what is on the list. Enjoy that cheesecake. You don’t splurge that often, and an occasional treat is wonderful.

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    1. Thanks Anne! That was the other problem – I was shopping without a list. We just ran into GFS for a couple things – and came out with a couple more. LOL! I am enjoying it! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Happy Birthday! I have bought too much h because of not eating before hand. Now with prices so highโ€ฆ I try to eat before I go.
    But since itโ€™s your Birthday weekโ€ฆ it was an excellent buy!

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