Recent Sewing Projects

Before Christmas I spent many hours at my sewing machine making gifts. That trend has continued into the new year as I have made a few things for myself and my husband. Below are some of the projects I created.

I made plush wearable blankets for Addie and Jackson for Christmas. They are fully lined so they are reversable.

I purposely made them big so hopefully they can wear them for another year.

I made hoodies for my daughters again this year. I was delighted, on Christmas, that Addie was wearing the dress I made her for her birthday especially since the shirt I made for her mom was done in matching fabrics.

This wasn’t a sewing project but I made this t-shirt for my husband and put it under the tree from Ruby and Ranger. (In case you can’t see the words it says: I’m a grown man. I do what I want my dogs want.) LOL!

My first after-the-holidays project was this hoodie I made for myself. I wanted to do a trial run of the pattern, so I used pieces of fabric I had left over from other projects. Somehow I was able to find four different yellow fabrics that gave me enough to make the shirt. I do love how it turned out (especially the yellow colors) and will for sure use this pattern again. You can get a better idea of how the whole shirt looks from the picture below.

My sister sent me some fabric for Christmas. She decided to let me make my own gift.

I turned it into this striped turtleneck. I absolutely love – it especially the fabric ❣

I was planning to make a hoodie like the one above for my husband, but I needed to make a trip to the fabric store to pick up some complementary fabric before I could start the project. In the meantime, I made myself a second turtleneck with some fabric I had on hand.

I used the same pattern but added about four inches in length to make it tunic style.

Last weekend my sister and I made the trip to the fabric store, so on Monday I Made my husband’s hoodie.

Front View

I love the way it turned out and it looks very nice on him. More importantly he loves it.

He slips it on whenever he feels chilly in the house, and we don’t have to bump up the thermostat. I call it his ‘gas bill buster’ LOL!

As I finish this post my mind is on my next project – dog blankets. I show them to you when they are finished.

Thanks for visiting. Do you have any winter projects going?

29 thoughts on “Recent Sewing Projects

  1. Love the idea of a wearable blanket with a hoodie. They look awesome!
    The hubby T-shirt is funny!
    The yellow top looks great. I like the mix of fabrics/colors. Of course the rest looks good, too! Seems like you’ve been having your hands full?!


    1. Thanks! My husband’s t-shirt is funny but (mostly) true. He does spoil the pups – maybe a bit too much. πŸ™‚ I was concerned that yellow wasn’t a winter color, but it actually seems to brighten my mood when wearing it. Very happy with how it turned out. πŸ™‚

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  2. I love all of these hoodies. What a great job you did. I especially love the yellow one. I am loving yellow right now. I guess because it has been a bit cloudy and gray in my area. Can’t wait to see the dog blankets.

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    1. Thanks Lisa. I was hesitant about making the yellow hoodie because I don’t think of it as a winter color. I do love yellow – I call it a happy color. I’m so glad I made it. I feel good/happy when I wear it. My husband calls me sunshine or sunflower when I’m wearing it. 🌞

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  3. Wow – you were a busy bee with these projects and they all show not only your talent but how you find presents to suit your loved ones. I’m looking forward to seeing the dogs’ blankets. The last thing I sewed on my sewing machine back in 1983 was a cage cover and seed catcher set for our parakeet. The ones in the store were so cheap looking and after washing were paper thin. So I made my own pattern and had french terry on one side and calico on the other side … I was excited as it looked very cute and was warm as well.

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    1. One of the things I love about sewing is that every item is (or can be) a one of a kind. My sister and I joke that we have become fabric snobs. LOL! There really are a lot of nice fabrics and we enjoy exploring them (fabric shopping) as much as creating with them. You know the adage “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” That certainly applied to you with the cage cover. Dog blankets in progress – I hope to have one finished in a day or two. πŸ™‚

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      1. I agree – how fun to be creative and one of a kind. When we were younger, we wanted to look like everyone else; now that we’re older, it’s nicer to be unique. Yes, I was proud of that cage cover – reversible and it looked pretty and functional, just like your dog blankets will be!

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  4. So beautiful you made Christmas dress. Beautiful you all sewing projects. Beautiful you sew T shirt for your husband & nice yellow colour T shirt for your. Beautiful looking.
    I enjoyed all see your sewing projects.

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  5. I love seeing everything you have been sewing lately. You have really been cranking them out. It was really fun fabric shopping with you . Aside from the fact that it was a sister day and FABRIC 🀣, the best was watching the planning and love and care you put into everything you choose. Each one of your projects are sewn with so much love its inspiring. Your skills are amazing. I’m so proud of you. I can’t wait to see what you tackle next !


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