Dog Quilts

Our dogs might just be a little bit spoiled (I hope you read a bit of sarcasm into that sentence,) and after writing this post I can no longer blame that solely on my husband. Each dog not only has his or her own bed, but they also have a blanket to go on their bed. Over the years our dogs have worn through many old blankets we have given them. The main problem with giving people blankets to dogs is that rather than covering up with a blanket like people would, dogs walk on the blanket, then lie on the blanket, and some, like our Ranger, might even feel it necessary to walk in a few small circles on the blanket in order to create a nest to lie in. These blankets can wear out quickly. They need something sturdier.

I decided to make the dog quilts when I realized that our old living room curtains would make a durable quilt backing and perhaps hold up better than the blankets that we had been giving the dogs.

I used two layers of flannel then added the curtain, that is a heavy woven fabric, for the backing and binding. I finished the first one Tuesday evening and after showing it to my husband we presented it to the dogs.

When we placed it on the dog bed my husband coaxed Ruby on it so I could take a picture.

Shortly after Ruby got up Ranger staked his claim.

The next thing I noticed was Ruby hiding in the corner. I think she was pouting.

I guess I should have waited until I had both quilts finished before I presented them to the dogs – what was I thinking? πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Since Ruby made me feel guilty that Ranger got a blanket and she didn’t, Wednesday became a quilt making marathon for me. I had the second one finished by Wednesday evening.

I did have a nice even pattern planned for this quilt with the same color blocks connecting on the diagonal. After sewing the first two rows together I realized I had sewn the second row of blocks on upside down and messed up the pattern. I decided not the rip out all the stitching and redo it because the dogs wouldn’t care about the pattern of the blocks.

We (Ranger, Ruby, my husband and I) all love the way the quilts turned and as a bonus they add a warm and cozy feeling to our living room.

Thanks for reading.

Do you have a spoiled pet in your life?

38 thoughts on “Dog Quilts

  1. [Sorry, I am really behind in Reader.] I love these quilts and remember you telling us or me about them. I like how you told how Ruby was pouting after Ranger took over on the first quilt – I am glad you created the second quilt right away, specially in this brutal weather. I think I had told you about making Joey our parakeet a reversible cover and seed guard, which is why you told me about the quilts. We adored our little budgie and he was blue, so it really looked nice when I was done.

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  2. Awe, so cute and surely the material you could use can be selected for easy clean up of fur baby fur. I can see why the other was jealous, they look so comfy. Great sewing!

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  3. You make sewing up a quilt sound so easy. To me it is a huge effort that I don’t often begin. I love that you make it sound so natural to just throw one together in a day. I am in awe.

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  4. Nice dog blankets. LOL no spoiled cats here. We just have an unopened bag of cats toys for when Buzz wears out his favorite mice. I had to buy a bag of toys just to get the mice he likes.

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  5. Spoiled ?? Maybe so, but definitely worth it !!! I had a friend who used to say ” not spoiled , just well loved ” Those quilts turned out beautiful.


  6. Ha. As I was reading this, I was thinking about my cat, Ollie. I just washed a 40 year old quilt so he could have a clean spot in a spare chair to nap in the den. He loves freshly washed laundry. We call him King Farouk, sometimes. He is so regal.

    Doggy/kitty quilts are a grand idea.


    1. That quilt has certainly stood the test of time. I would be happy if mine last a tenth of that with the dogs using them. I thinks it’s funny how we give our pets nick names. Ruby is also known as Princess because she thinks all of the attention should be on her. She acts very entitled. LOL!


  7. The dog quilts are lovely. We’ve had our dog two or three weeks, and she was instantly a member of the family. She has appropriated a chair and a sofa for napping during the day, so I don’t know that she would like a bed of her own. How lucky your dogs are to have their own beds and quilts!

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    1. Thanks Anne. Rescue dogs seem to know right away when the have found a good home. During the day Ranger and Ruby have three options for napping – their beds, our bed (we put an extra blanket on so they are not covering ours with dog hair), or sometimes they will nap on our lap(s) if my husband and I kick back in our reclines for an afternoon nap. Ruby is pretty big to be a lap dog but that doesn’t stop her and because I have an oversized recliner we can make it work, πŸ™‚


      1. Kacey reminds me of Trooper sleeping with my daughter Kara, who had the bottom bunk. Like with David it didn’t last all night because the bunk just wasn’t big enough for both of them. πŸ™‚
        Ruby would sleep with us at night if we allowed it, but she likes to snuggle up real close and doesn’t move. My husband and I both need room to stretch out or roll over so it just doesn’t work.


      2. Years ago we had cats. They were more likely to wake us up early than sleep with us at night. Back then, John commuted to Manhattan, so he was usually up before the cats were. You have to get up REALLY early to fool a cat.

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    1. LOL! Crazy you can do so much for them and still feel guilty. I think our dogs are treated better than our kids were. I didn’t let the kids send me on guilt trips (often).


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