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Hello and welcome! I’m having a hard time believing it’s March already, but all of my sources, (phone, computer, wall calendar) assure me that today is March 1st.

So, without further ado our monthly inspiration.

From my 2023 wall calendar.

This morning when I saw the cardinals on the calendar I was reminded of a post I wrote in 2016. Since I have a lot of new followers since that time I will share the link to that post here. I really do think it’s worth reading.

Thanks for visiting.

22 thoughts on “Monthly Inspiration

  1. There is a large flock of cardinals that live in an area along my walk. They are hard to capture photos of with my cell phone, but I love to see their beautiful colors along my way. I don’t recall where I first heard they are a sign of a lost love one, but it has been a comfort to have them appear when I most need them. I love that your calendar paired them with this Psalm. Very fitting. You probably need to save this one and frame it.

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  2. I love this picture Ruth … the inspiration is something we all need now. Our state has had an eventful February and I was glad to move into March. March came in like a lamb so you know what that means. I was hoping this Friday’s snowstorm would be the end of Winter. I am so behind here in Reader due to the three-day internet outage and I was a week behind before that. I have been troubleshooting with the Happiness Engineers the last week for WP issues – in the last hour I just discovered one of my answers and I’m happy about that.

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    1. Thanks Linda. It sure would be nice if this weekend was the last we saw of winter but I won’t bank on it. Was it just your internet that was out? Your power stayed on? I’m glad you got one of your answers I hope you get the rest figured out soon.

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      1. I’m hope March dos not go out like a lion … we’re paying for all those un-Winter-like days we enjoyed, like today. People here in Lincoln Park still have no power – maybe tonight they’ll finally have it, but in the Facebook forum people said that it has gotten to 46 in their home. The hotels around Downriver are price-gouging $400.00 a night which is terrible. I understand most of Lincoln Park had no internet, Comcast mostly, but WOW too. Ruth, I got a generator last Summer. I was too worried about an event just like this one happening. I worried about the pipes as well. So after thinking about it a long time, I got one. No regrets at all, especially after this ice storm. I was worried about the dead tree and a big branch falling on the wires like last time and starting another fire.

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      2. A generator is a great investment. Even if you only use it one time it can be a lifesaver. I’m happy to hear that you got one. Is it a gas powered? If so it is important to run them once in a while even when they are not needed. My husband usually runs ours for a while around the first of the month he plugs a light into it to put a bit of a load on it. My dad said the other thing is to make sure the oil is changed per the recommended maintenance schedule even if it is not being used.
        $400 a night – that’s crazy!!!

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      3. Ruth, I thought you might be pleased to hear that because you wrote that post about how you plan in advance for a power outage and made suggestions on “weathering the storm”. I did take what you said to heart and I worried about Winter so much I decided to get one and I made the right move with the three-day power outage in this brutal weather. So I went into long-term savings and got it for peace of mind. It is gas powered and that is a good idea with monthly maintenance to keep the oil changed. I just had my oil changed and new spark plugs and an oil filter the day before the ice storm. I am now more worried about this storm tomorrow – initially they kept saying that Downriver would be some snow turning into a wintry mix, then rain – now we may be getting slammed with the 3-6 inch snowfall like most of SE Michigan. And high winds tomorrow afternoon with a little freezing rain. I can’t hear WWJ as another basketball game is on. The saving grace for most people will be that it is the weekend so people can stay hunkered down on Saturday. That is crazy about the hotel charging that much. I know the Attorney General often gets on those who price gouge … I’ve not heard anything about that because of the charges for someone threatening to harm her and making threats from afar. Lots of unscrupulous things going on around us Ruth – it makes me very uneasy.

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      4. Thanks Ruth – yes I was. Right now it is thundering so I am going to shut down. I heard over 100,000 people have already lost their power – hope you are not one of them.

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      5. Hi Ruth – That’s good. I did not lose power either, but you probably heard 200,000 have no power, some still from last Wednesday’s storm. I only shoveled the City sidewalk and the path to the garage. We didn’t get a lot of snow (4-5 inches), but the freezing rain must have melted some of it and what remained was icy and very heavy. I should have waited until this afternoon to deal with it; I’ll do that tomorrow and maybe have more luck. The plow has not been by yet to dump that icy mess at the end of the driveway.


      6. I think we got between 6 and 8 inches. Things were a mess this morning but my husband was able to get to the farm ok. This afternoon he got out the tractor and plowed at the farm and here at the house. He wanted to get the snow moved before it froze.

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      7. They said Wyandotte got 5 inches, but the freezing rain washed some of that total away. I am amazed because I looked out about an hour ago and the street which was a horrible mess of slush and ice was completely clear. They didn’t plow as nothing was at the end of my driveway. My driveway and sidewalk were clear of ice/snow and completely dry except for where the sun does not reach – snow was still there. We are getting more wintry precip tonight so that’s why I didn’t plan on going out this afternoon. I hope that does not make another mess.

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