Fun In the Snow and Sun

In the aftermath of last night’s winter storm, that dumped between 6 and 8 inches of heavy, wet snow on us, the sun came out and temperatures warmed to around 40 degrees F. It was too nice to stay inside all day, so I ventured to the farm with my husband and the kids dogs for a little fun in the sun.

The chickens, who hate walking in snow, couldn’t resist being in the sunshine either.

They stayed mostly on the path that my husband shoveled for them.

and were happy to find some grass to peck in.

Ruby’s idea of fun is always playing ball,

and Ranger always has fun sniffing.

My fun was riding the 4 wheeler,

and taking some pictures of this glorious day.

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23 thoughts on “Fun In the Snow and Sun

  1. Well, you made snow fun with this post Ruth. Since you wrote it, we’ve had a couple of more snow events and another one tonight into tomorrow. Snow ruined this morning’s walk and it’s snowing now – if we could just zip to mid-April I’d be happy.

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      1. We’re certainly getting a variety of Mother Nature’s moods and meanwhile Pugsatawney Phil is gloating since our own Woody the Woodchuck has tarnished her crown with her inaccurate prediction. πŸ™‚

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    1. I guess it’s because we don’t provide snowshoes. 🀣 Seriously the snow is the one weather condition that they seem to hate. I’ve seen them out in the rain and wind and cold but they just don’t like walking in snow.

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      1. Yes l have noticed this as well, l thought you might know why.

        Years ago when l lived on a farm we had snow and the farmers said they couldn’t get all of their chickens to walk on snow either. They resolved the situation by scattering chopped barley straw on the ground.

        It is intriguing all the same.

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      2. My best guess would be that chickens are native to warm climates and domestic chickens have not evolved to be able to tolerate snow on their feet.
        My husband sometimes puts straw down for them and sometimes hay that they can forage in.

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