The whole flock greeted us as we arrived at the farm.

Fortunately we had a bucket full of food scraps for them. Ruby had to help clean them up.

Two of our young roosters posed for a picture. Notice their combs and waddles are larger than the hen on the right.

My husband showed me a recently build nest he spotted in the woods. We’re not sure who it belongs to. There were no eggs or babies in it.

I spent some time pulling weeds in the Prayer Garden and as I got up to empty my weed bucket I caught a glimpse of the setting sun.

I set my weed bucket down and grabbed my camera to get some photos of the bright orange ball in the sky.

I had to wander to the north a bit to get a shot that was more sun than trees.

As I returned to my weed bucket, I found that some of the chicks had decided to explore it.

Several years ago, my oldest daughter and her husband bought me a Solomon’s seal plant for Mother’s Day. I planted it in a wooded area and had a small fence around it so I could keep track of it. It came back for the first few years but last year it never came up. Last week I noticed it was up. It’s not flowering yet but should get small, white, bell-shaped flowers soon.

Peanut was resting in the multi-purpose chair. I call it the multi-purpose chair because a while earlier my husband had been sitting in it, and even earlier in the day one of the hens laid an egg in it. LOL!

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24 thoughts on “Glimpses

  1. I am seeing Solomon seal and False Solomon seal growing along the roadside when I walk lately. The mountains have been hazy for quite a few days now. Hopefully they get those fires out soon .


    1. Chickens are a riot. Today we found two eggs in the chair. I guess another hen decided it was a good spot. The important thing is to look in the chair before sitting in it. So glad you stopped by. 🙂

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    1. It’s been very orange/red the last few nights. Dom said it was this morning when it was rising too. We agreed it was likely an effect of the Canadian wildfires.


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