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Duck Tales

Those of you who were around last summer might remember that in July we had a duck who spend a few weeks visiting our pond.

Well it seems she enjoyed her visit so much that she decided to return this year (at least I am assuming it is the same duck). This year she decided to bring her family.

It was around the first of August that my husband came home from the farm and told me that there was a mother duck with four babies swimming in the pond. “No daddy,” he added.

For the past two plus weeks I have been trying with little success to get some good photos of them. Each time I approach the pond Momma directs her young to quickly swim away, so all of my pictures are taken from a great distance using the zoom feature of my camera. Their colors also blend in with the environment. It may be to their advantage in nature to be somewhat camouflaged, but it is not a recipe for clear photos.

It has been amusing watching the family.

Sometimes they will be calmly swimming along and suddenly one from the rear will zip past the others and take the lead. So cute! 🙂

Other times they will be feeding and all I can see is a mound, or several mounds, of tail feathers sticking up out of the water. Too Funny!

Last weekend they had disappeared. We thought that they had probably moved on. Then on Wednesday, while I was working in the prayer garden, I heard the unmistakable quacking of a duck followed by a splash. When I turned to look I saw the duck family had just entered the water and were being followed by Ranger. He apparently had come across them while sniffing around in the woods but they didn’t want to play. He followed them into the water and even though he is a very good swimmer he lost sight of them because he cannot turn his head to look around while he is swimming. Ranger enjoyed his swim across the pond then went on searching for other adventures, and the duck family spent the rest of the evening paddling around in the pond.

At the time of this posting it has been a few days since I have seen the Duck family. Perhaps they have now moved on for the season but I’m not yet ready to assume that is the case.

Thanks for visiting and until next time Be Well. 🙂