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Find Our Michigan Grown Garlic

We are thrilled to announce that you can now purchase our Michigan grown garlic at Vinckier Foods in Armada, Michigan  http://www.vinckierfoods.com/contact-armada.php  and Fronney’s Foods in Capac, Michigan http://www.fronneysfoods.com/

You can also purchase our garlic at:

Neiman’s Family Market in Saint Clair, Michigan. http://www.neimansfamilymarket.com/neimans/stclair.jsp

Nino Salvaggio Saint Clair Shores, Michigan location

Water To Go In Richmond, Michigan

Pure Michigan Country Market on 10th Street in Port Huron, Michigan

If you shop at any of these retailers please be sure to thank them for supporting local farmers while bringing you quality products. Your words will be appreciated.