Asparagus For Breakfast

In my last post about asparagus season I asked if anyone had any great recipes for asparagus I didn’t get too many replies to this question so I thought I would share some of the ways that we eat asparagus this spring.

This morning when my husband went to open up the chicken coop I asked him to go to the garden and cut the asparagus that was ready. I knew there were at least a few shoots that were the right size. He came back with four or five shoots and that was just the right amount for what I had planned.

Now when I think breakfast I usually don’t think vegetables. I’m sure it’s because of the way I was raised and perhaps even a cultural thing but veggies are usually eaten later in the day. The exception is when I make an omelet.

My recipe this morning included –

3 Eggs (farm fresh)

4 shoots of Asparagus

1 pre-cooked Sausage Patty – (This was left over from yesterdays breakfast)

Asiago and Swiss Cheese

I started by putting a little oil in the pan and lightly cooking the asparagus. I beat the eggs then added them to the pan and covered it and let it cook a little while I cut the sausage into small pieces. I then added the sausage and covered it again and let it cook on low. I cut some asiago cheese and tore a slice of Swiss cheese into a few pieces. Once the egg looked mostly cooked (no more runny stuff) I placed the cheese pieces on top and covered it to let the cheese melt. I am really am not good at folding an omelet and making it look good so I usually just leave it open.

My husband wanted his to go so I made it into a sandwich.



20 thoughts on “Asparagus For Breakfast

  1. That looks delicious Ruth. I usually parboil our asparagus for 5 minutes. And then I toss it in the pan with a little bit of butter. Or sometimes if I don’t want to use butter, I will drizzle some extra virgin olive oil (while warm) and grate some cheese on top (just letting the cheese to melt.

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  2. Very balanced breakfast!! I love asparagus too but don’t have any recipes. I just steam it. I had never had it until my late husband I I moved onto his family farm in June 93. His brother had a garden patch that we planned on using but when these weird shoots started coming up, in 2 full rows, I became suspicious. Looked like asparagus!! I had no idea what to do with it. We ended up with a bunch of it and I had to learn to cook and eat it. I put cheese on it at first – I was young and didn’t know better. I love that it’s perennial ♥️

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    1. Wow! an established asparagus bed is a great find. We use to eat it with cheese sauce as well, but now if I top it with anything I prefer either garlic butter or garlic olive oil. Perennials are always a good thing IMO.

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