Fall Harvest Days

Although it is still summer, each year on the last weekend in August the Saint Clair County Farm museum holds it’s Fall Harvest Days Festival. This year the event will be held on       August 24 thru 26. Check out this link for times, location and schedule of events https://www.facebook.com/sccfarmmuseum/


For the last two years this has been one of our favorite weekends of the summer. We will be there again this year so if you attend this event please stop by our tent to say “Hi”and stock up on fresh, locally grown, garlic and a bar or two of “Don’t Eat It!” Soap.


We would love to see you there. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Fall Harvest Days

    1. We really enjoy it. It is fascinating to see so much of the equipment that has been used in agriculture throughout history.
      This year it rained on Saturday and since it is an outdoor event we didn’t set up. Friday and Sunday were good though.
      Thanks for reading.


    1. Me too Vicki! If you have a farmers market near you check it out for garlic. Local growers are more likely to different varieties and this time of year it will be fresh. If you come across someone selling garlic braids I would recommend buying garlic this way because it will store longer than garlic that has been trimmed. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. The local fairs and festivals always sound like a lot of fun. I always hear Roberta Jasina on WWJ talking about the Romeo Peach Festival – in fact she often mentions Romeo, where she lives, and their 4th of July parade down Main Street, or the Peach Festival (usually around Labor Day). We have our Lincoln Park Days this weekend – it is more like a carnival and carnival-type food, but nothing this nice. The next day I’ll read in the Crime Sites on Facebook about the arrests or drunk and disorderly events at Lincoln Park Days.

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    1. Hi Linda. Yes, every small town in our area has their own summer festival. I haven’t been to the Peach Festival in ages. The Farm Museum Harvest Days will have antique tractors and agricultural equipment on display and there will be demonstrations of much of the equipment. It really is interesting to see how farming was done in the past.

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      1. It sounds like it would be – I am thinking of going to the vintage car event at The Henry Ford if the weather cooperates. I looked at the website for it and it looks like a fun and old-fashioned event. It’s been years since I’ve been to Greenfield Village.

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