Really Good Scrambled Eggs

Each time I make scrambled eggs my husband comments “these are really good eggs”, and each time I think “I really should share my recipe on my blog”, so I am finally getting around to it.

In case you don’t already know how to make scrambled eggs here is a short video to show you how.

What I am going to tell you is the simple ingredients I use that make them “Really Good”.



You can start with store bought eggs if you have to, but if you can find a local farmer who sells free range eggs buy some, and if you have your own flock of laying hens you are good to go.

Nowadays, since I am cooking for just my husband and myself, I use three eggs. If you watched the video above, or if you generally add salt and pepper, skip it. These are ingredients that can be added as a topping by each individual to suit his or her taste preference or dietary needs. Instead, to flavor the eggs, I add about three shakes of onion powder and three shakes of dried oregano as I beat the eggs.  When the eggs are finished cooking I turn off the burner and top them with cheese. I usually use American cheese slices (not cheese food) but you could use most any type of cheese. I then put the lid on the pan for a couple of minutes and let the cheese melt. Yes, these eggs are Really Good!

What is your favorite way to eat eggs?

36 thoughts on “Really Good Scrambled Eggs

  1. Lord knows what is wrong with my eyes these days – forgive errors, obviously l mean Apple Cider and not the horrendous word that is there instead of a basic apple!


  2. Hey Ruth, good post … okay dokie here we go …totally agree on free range eggs, they are bigger and tastier .. for eggs for Suze and l, we use 6 eggs if shop bought or 4 eggs if free range.

    Crack eggs in bowl, whisk, add generous shake black ground pepper , smitchen of sea salt, two shakes of Worcestershire sauce, one shake of adplle cider vinegar and 1 healthy shake of tobasco sauce, add in small cup of milk, whisk until soft, pour into pan, stir, , stir, stir, once crumbly appearance present, serve 🙂

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    1. I don’t think I ever realized that eggs had flavor until we started eating eggs from our own hens. They are delicious!
      Your recipe sounds like it might have a bit of a kick to it. There is so much you can do with scrambled eggs.

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      1. It’s a real wake up kick indeed 🙂

        You are right, you never notice the difference till you notice, if that makes sense.

        fisrt time l tried free range, it was like a light bulb moment NOPE these are the forver eggs now. If Suze and l could have chickens we would, but rented and whilst we in country we are still suburbia, so neighbours as good as they are would probably not be happy 🙂

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    1. We usually have eggs for breakfast as well and if we don’t we sometimes have them for dinner. I like to change it up though – so some days it is scrambled, some days it is fried with a soft yolk for dipping toast, some days I make breakfast sandwich and occasionally I make omelets. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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  3. That sounds delicious Ruth. My mom always made scrambled eggs for two with Mrs. Dash seasoning and she would put in Velveeta – very creamy tasting. I just thought of you a few minutes ago. I was responding to a comment from a fellow blogger who lives in California, but grew up in Ohio and has family living in Traverse City. She mentioned a place she went to that served cinnamon toast. Many followers said they loved it as a child – I did too. She said the butter was tasty – probably a secret recipe. My mom had a cookbook published by Gloria Pitzer, “The Secret Recipe Detective” and she subscribed (by mail) to her newsletters. This was years ago – Gloria Pitzer named her recipes outrageous titles, and she would figure out the contents for all the tasty treats in franchise restaurants. I discovered she passed away last January – and near you. This was a sample of her recipes – a lot of fun!

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    1. Thanks for the link Linda. I never heard of her before and yes being from Marysville she was not far from us at all. I would have never guessed some of the ingredients in those recipes. The “ask your neighbor show sounds interesting as well. Do you listen to it?

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      1. It was an interesting show but on years ago – I think Bob Allison was the host on WJR at the time, maybe it was Warren Pierce. My mom listened to WJR throughout the day for years. They had local hosts for programs all day and she enjoyed them, but then they started having syndicated shows like Rush Limbaugh and she switched to WWJ. She really like when Gloria Pitzer made a guest appearance on the show – she subscribed to the newsletter which featured some of her recipes from her book and she decided to order it. It has some fun things in it – even drinks that she devised the concoction for, like Coca-Cola. And always funny names.

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      2. I think “quaint” and “quirky” are much more creative than just plain names – they are catchy. When I no longer could use Purpose mild cleaning wash on my hands because they changed the formula, I tried to many different soaps, made of different things (vegetables and fruits, mint, etc.) and I went on Amazon to read the reviews about Purpose Soap – sometimes people will mention alternatives to use. Someone suggested “Tone” with cocoa butter. I bought it – the smallest package. No more issues and I was paying a lot for the Purpose and this is very cheap. So I should have thought of that 2-3 years ago. Meanwhile, do you remember I mentioned how one of the reporters on WWJ goes to different Michigan small companies and interviews the owners. Now we were mentioning odd names … this is a woman who does soap and scents and other things – look at the name of her website … vegan and organic.

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      3. I think quirky probably describes me. LOL. I went to the Tone soap website to see what the ingredients are in their soap and saw review where some people are saying that they can’t find it and they are not making it any more. Are you still able to find it? I think maybe I should try making something with similar ingredients. If I do and sent you are bar would you try it and let me know how it compares to Tone?

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      4. I am quirky too Ruth … my mom would always say to me “why do you want to be like the rest of the crowd?” (Also “if everyone jumps off a bridge do you have to follow?”) So maybe I listened to her say that enough times, and it had an effect. As to the Tone soap oh no – I hate if they discontinue it because you remember I wrote you when I first started following you, telling you how many soaps I tried and spent a small fortune trying them all out? For years, I also used Johnson & Johnson baby soap. I could not use it with my contacts (they recommended a pure/clear soap so no film as I wore hard contact lenses). I would use the J&J if I was working around the house or outside and was not wearing my contacts – I left them out on weekends if I was not going anywhere to give my eyes a rest. So, when the Purpose no longer worked (in liquid pump or the bar) I couldn’t find the J&J baby soap. I tried Dove baby soap – didn’t work, within a day or two I got red, cracked hands. To answer your question Ruth, when the Tone bar soap worked so well, I bought three 8-packs at the beginning of the Winter. I saw that Tone was making a body wash and I wonder if people prefer that and are buying that instead? I preferred the pump over the bar as it gets soggy, but I didn’t want that Tone soap as it was scented. I sure hope they don’t stop making it – annoying if they do. Next time I’m at Meijer, I will stock up some more. Sure, I will be happy to try it out for you Ruth. This is the one I use … it is the only bar soup they carry at Meijer (except the body wash)

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      5. I did look up the ingredients for that soap and think I can make something similar. I am glad you stocked up on the one that works for you.
        I have one customer that has very sensitive skin and I make her a soap that one has 3 ingredients – lard, water and lye. It is a plain white bar with no scent and very gentle on the skin. It’s the only thing she uses and she orders it by the batch.

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      6. That is good to know and you initially told me you could make up something if need be. That might be the choice for me if they stop making Tone. I could not believe my good fortune to discover Tone after trying countless types of soap.

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  4. I take a drive out to a farm for eggs for my folks these days, much better way to support local farmers, they apparently taste better, and surprisingly they’re a tad cheaper too! Onion powder & dried oregano, not thought of either of those. I actually don’t like eggs, but my dad quite enjoys scrambled eggs at least once a week or more so I’ll share this with him!
    Thanks for sharing your secret (not so secret anymore) recipe! 😉
    Caz xx

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    1. That’s great Caz. They absolutely taste better than store bought (at least here is the US). I’m surprised that they are cheaper because that is usually not the case here. I hope your dad enjoys them. 🙂

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  5. I enjoyed reading what you do with eggs. John likes food PLAIN, so I add nothing, and he is happy. I’ll bet my son would love your additions, though. I’ll have to try them the next time he is here for breakfast.

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