Asparagus Season Begins


I always like to share this for my friends/ readers who grow or hunt for asparagus because if you are not paying attention asparagus can get too big and go to seed before you know it. Yesterday I noticed that our asparagus is just beginning to poke up through the ground. We will be enjoying fresh asparagus soon. πŸ™‚

IMG_4917Not nearly as inconspicuous as asparagus, rhubarb is up and making it’s presence known.

Do you have a favorite spring food?

24 thoughts on “Asparagus Season Begins

    1. Our asparagus seemed to be stunted by the cold rainy spell that we had. After posting that it just seemed to stop growing. I haven’t harvested any yet though I suspect it will be soon now that things have warmed up. Will you be making rhubarb pie?

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    1. I just baked a strawberry-rhubarb pie last week to use up the rhubarb I had in my freezer from last year. We like strawberry rhubarb crisp too and rhubarb sauce is good and my Aunt makes strawberry rhubarb cheese cake…. I’m getting hungry. LOL!

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    1. Funny how our tastes change over time. I even see it with my kids when they come home. I’m like you never ate sauerkraut or mushrooms or whatever when you were growing up and they say oh I really like whatever it is.

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    1. I laughed and my husband cringed when reading your comment Faye. Our rhubarb at the farm is in a fenced in area so the chickens can’t get to it. Before we bought our farm my sister and brother-in-law let us do our gardening at their place. We also decided to go in with them on some chickens that they would raise at their place. They set up a coop near their barn and fenced in an area around the coop. My sister had rhubarb growing inside the fenced area and said she would have to move it before putting the chickens in there. My husband assured her that her rhubarb would be safe. “Chickens don’t like rhubarb,” he said. When he was young they had raised chickens and they never bothered the rhubarb. Of course with lots of room to roam and lots of the things to peck and scratch the chickens of his youth had no need to bother the rhubarb. The chickens at my sisters on the other had made quick work of the rhubarb and every other green thing growing within the fenced area.
      All was forgiven years ago but I don’t think he will ever live it down.
      The moral of the story – “Never trust chickens!”

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