A Dip In The Pond

Our weather has not been warm enough for me to even think about going for a swim yet. In fact it will take a few consecutive days with temperatures in the 80’s Fahrenheit to warm the water to my liking.

Trooper on the other hand found the water most refreshing. Every year he is the first one in.


He also enjoyed some time laying in the shade.


I did get some yard work done this week while soaking up some vitamin D (sunshine) and starting on my tan. 🙂

My dip in the pond will just have to wait.

20 thoughts on “A Dip In The Pond

  1. Ah superb, Scrappy was very interested in Trooper and wanted to know if he ever had time for an interview, she would love to … she likes her boys with some hair and if they know how to swim double bonus 🙂

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    1. We did have some hail with the thunderstorm that came through. I was at home but I assume we got it at the farm too. Thankfully it didn’t last long and wasn’t big enough to do any damage. Oh to be young again….


    1. Thank you Mackenzie. Troopers breed, Leonberger (he is not pure bred), is sometimes used as water rescue dogs. He has a very heavy double layer coat and is not effected by the cold. He actually seeks out cooler places to lay – the bare floor over carpeting or blanket, the shady grass or sand on the beach or even a cool place in the dirt or mud would be his preference.
      Our weather is not supposed to be the best this weekend but we intend on making it a great weekend anyway. Thanks for visiting.

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    1. Yes, we are having below normal day time temps and nighttime temps around freezing. There is a chance of snow tonight – they were predicting up to 4 inches but now I see they lowered it to maybe 1 inch. If they are correct with their predictions we will have a cold and rainy week… we too are hoping they are wrong.

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