An Interesting Creature

Last week while I was staining our deck I had company. This bug, which I have always called a walking stick, but may go by other names, hung out on our siding for a couple of hours in the morning.


I caught a second photo of it as he/she wandered off.


After downloading my photos I realized I really didn’t know much about these creatures, so I did a little research. This article on provided some interesting facts.

  • I was a bit surprised to learn that walking sticks are herbivores.
  • They are mostly nocturnal, feeding at night and hiding under leaves and such during the day, so seeing one like this is a little unusual.
  • I also read that there are over 3000 species of walking sticks. WOW!
  • Probably the most interesting was the fact that in some species female walking sticks can reproduce without the aid of a male. All of her offspring will, however, be female.

For more information click here.

Have you ever seen a walking stick?



24 thoughts on “An Interesting Creature

    1. I find the comments on this post to be quite educational. My husband was surprised at how many people have never seen a stick bug. I am more surprised at how many have had them as pets.
      Are there certain leaves they like eating or will any green leaves do?


      1. Hey Ruth, they are sturdier than you think .. well within reason – it’s their spindly legs that make them loo really fragile l think 🙂

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  1. Those were some interesting facts Ruth – I always tell you I learn something here at your blog. I’ve never seen a walking stick before but now I feel like I know them up close and personal.


    1. Well I am glad you got to see mine. They are very odd looking. After reading that they are mostly nocturnal and how they camouflage themselves I wondered how many people have actually seen them. I usually see one on our deck at least once each summer.


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