55 Things #5 – You Never Know What You Will Find On The Internet

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Imagine scrolling through a website filled with random funny pictures and coming across a picture of yourself – a picture that you had never seen before and perhaps didn’t even realize existed. How would you feel?

This happened to my husband. He likes to visit a website called Dump A Day and one day he came across this photo.


It was captioned “Men Are Crazy”.

When he showed me the picture I immediately recognized the guy standing up as my husband even though he was much younger and this was taken long before we met. He proceeded to tell me the names of the other guys in the photo and the name of the guy he remembers taking it (Dom says Hello Randy).

It was taken in 1979 while he was serving in the US Coast Guard. They were on a trip from Milwaukee, WI to Greenland on the USGC Westwind (WAGB 281).

It brought back memories of his Coast Guard days and those he served with, but it also begs the question “How did this end up on Dump A Day?”.

P.S. This is not the craziest thing he has ever done.


30 thoughts on “55 Things #5 – You Never Know What You Will Find On The Internet

  1. That’s hilarious, all right! But your last comment has me curious. What could your husband have possibly done that was crazier? Hope it wasn’t too dangerous–and that his mother never found out! P.S. Thank you, Ruth, for becoming a follower of my blog, From the Inside Out. I pray you’ll find the posts meaningful whenever you’re able to visit!

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    1. Thank you for the warm welcome to your blog and for visiting mine. My husband has asked me not to share those stories and if they haven’t made it to the internet I’ll keep it that way. As a mom I understand your concern about her finding out. The less we know the less we worry.

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  2. That is funny Ruth and reminds me of when people take the Polar Plunge for charity and jump into an icy lake in a bathing suit in January. As a matter of fact, when I saw this picture, I recall our client (which you are familiar with, since we’ve discussed it before) and one time for kicks, they sent my boss who does their labor relations work, pictures of a freighter completely encased in ice and massive snow covered icicles “dripping” from the wheelhouse area. It was an incredible sight to see.

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    1. Yes, I’ve thought of the Polar Bear Plunge when I saw it as well and I would describe all those who participate as crazy.
      I find it disturbing to see boats covered by ice. Being under way in those conditions can be so dangerous.

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      1. The picture that our client sent us – it was in dry dock in Escanaba I believe – this was in the dead of Winter and it reminded me of years ago when my mom did not have a frost-free freezer and used to have to use a pot of boiling water to defrost the freezer every so often. The client’s ice-covered freighter looked like your picture you posted from the internet.

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      2. I remember using hot water to defrost the freezer as well. and if it was really bad trying to chip it away to speed things along. Imagine trying to break all that ice off the deck of a boat.
        My husband has some photos and stories of boats in winter storms and when the ice builds up and adds extra weight and makes the boat less stable. Scary! He really should write them down.

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      3. You should get your husband to start a blog too – I told Laurie (Meditations in Motion) her husband should do that after he retired the end of 2018. They have been traveling and running a lot, but she said he might not be interested. Those pictures of the boat were pretty amazing and yes it would be uneven and heavier I would think. That was a big project defrosting the fridge. The man or woman who invented frost-free freezers should have a monument built in his honor. 🙂

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  3. Omgoodness that is priceless. I love it ! I guess with the internet we shouldn’t be surprised thatour past can come back anytime. Dom should write a book of his adventures ( or at least a blog). I would love to here about Greenland.

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