There Was A Farmer Had A Dog…

Andย Bingo Ranger was his name-er.

While Ranger is the name we gave him, it seems The Pup has already acquired a few nick names.

Maybe you already guessed the first one is The Pup or Pup. This one just seemed to come natural. He looks like a puppy and acts like a puppy and I often find myself referring to him as The Pup. Sometimes when talking to him I call him Pup as well.

More often when addressing him I find myself calling him Mister. I’ve noticed my husband does this as well. I think I began calling this because when he sits down and looks at me he looks like a little gentleman.

IMG_6202 (2)


As we know looks can be deceiving, hence another nick name. It was pretty early on when I began calling him Dennis, as in Dennis the Menace. He has that type of personality. Young, cute, innocent, always wanting to be right where we are and finding ways to get into trouble. He can be lovable and annoying at the same time. If Ranger is Dennis I think Trooper is his Mr. Wilson. LOL!

IMG_6167 (2)

The other nick name he has is Zippy. This is what my husband calls him, which refers to both his energy level and his speed. This one may get a little confusing because my husband had called Trooper Zippy since he was young. As a young dog Trooper had the same type of energy and speed that we now see in Ranger.

IMG_6189 (2)

So it seems Ranger has become Zippy too or should I say Zippy Two. ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you use nick names for family members or pets?

37 thoughts on “There Was A Farmer Had A Dog…

  1. Scrappy bless her had a tonne of name – her official name was Scrappy Doodlepip but she was often called Furryone, Gertie, Scrapps, La Scrappy and Oy You With the Fur On! Great post Ruth.

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  2. Miss Treacle is Treaky Weaky and Busby (41kg/90.4lb) is bubba buzzy, or pup, as he is the youngest.

    It is great that Ranger is settling in so well. It is always hard to see how different our dogs are when a new younger dog come in. I dont always realise Miss treacle is 12.
    Lindasschaub I love Neil Diamond I have never heard that song before.

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    1. It was hard to know how Trooper would react when we brought Ranger home because Trooper and Scout were so close. Trooper seemed to be very depressed after we lost Scout and even though we tried giving him extra attention he still seemed so sad that we thought maybe he needed a new friend. It really is working out well and we are happy we made this decision. I think Trooper is too. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. That’s funny. When Trooper was young when we would leave he would go to our bathroom and try to pull the towels off the towel rack. Once in a while he would get them off but mostly they were just hanging funny. When we would get home we would check the bathroom and if they looked funny we would call him using the long drawn out Trooooopper. He would first go the other way then he would come with a guilty look. He didn’t do anything wrong so it was more of a game.


  3. Very funny and true. When my three boys were young and we already had a new lab that my son named Pepsi, because he liked the pop so well. One day a young black and white mixed beagle showed up dragging a chain and I really didn’t need another pet so took to a shelter. Of course the kids just begged to get her back. So off we went to claim her again. Well the kids really couldn’t think of a name so they called her “Puppy”. She lived a long time, we will always address her as “Puppy” & “Pepsi” when we talk about their past pets.
    Enjoy all your posts!!!

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    1. Thanks Rebecca. I always love hearing from you! Puppy and Pepsi are such cute names. We have always asked Scout and Trooper “are you a Happy Puppy?” and if they are laying on the floor their tail begins thumping. So funny! My husband asked Ranger the same question this morning and sure enough his tail started thumping. No matter how old they get they will always be our puppies. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Well Buzz has several names Buzzy, Buzzard, Turkey, But Monkey is what we call him the most. He hangs on the cat tree upside down and he has a really long tail just like a monkey.

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  5. Dennis and Mr. Wilson! ๐Ÿคฃ That’s cute!! We call our cat that’s named Oatmeal Otis sometimes. And I’m always calling my dog Leroy little boy. He’s a Shih Tzu that thinks he’s human.


    1. I love it! It’s fun when the names take on different forms of the same word. For years we called Scout Scoutster and when Trooper was Zippy he was often called Zipster.


  6. Well Ranger/Zippy Two/Dennis has inserted himself nicely into your family. Well, when we dogs in the family a very long time ago, their nickname could have been “very bad dog” as we could not train any of them. We gave up and got birds instead. I don’t have any pets now – too hard when I lose them and lost two birds since I’ve been alone. Boy I had a ton of names for my little canaries though – Buddy was Munchkin, Peanut, Button as he was various shades of brown. Every morning when I woke him up, I sang this song to him so he knew I was there before uncovering him (he slept in a separate room). Be prepared to giggle Ruth:

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    1. Too funny Linda. I never heard that before. Ranger is teaching us a lot about training dogs. When we got Scout he was already very well trained and when we got Trooper Scout did a lot of his training. Training Ranger is a lots of work, time and patience. He is doing well but still has lots to learn.

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      1. I really like Neil Diamond and that has always been a fun song to me … every morning that was “our wake-up song” – sounds like you have your work cut out for you Ruth. Our dogs were not trainable, and my aunt had two Heinz 57 dogs and they were asking for the door a day or two after arriving at the house – both puppies, just weaned and already she had them trained.
        She was lucky with her dogs – never a single behavior issue. Ours were incorrigible! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. Some dogs just seem to have a mind of their own. Others really want to please their people and are more easily trained. It sounds like a fun way to wake up for both you and your little friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      3. We never had luck with any dogs – the last one, a black poodle, ran away – he dug a hole under the fence in the backyard and escaped and ate some poison. A neighbor in the next block put out rat poison in hamburger as there were a few stray dogs in the neighborhood and Peppy ate it and came home foaming at the mouth and had to be euthanized – no more dogs after that. Yes, I did that song for Buddy and I sang a different song for Sugar – I lost him in 2010 , same year I lost my mom

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      4. That is so sad about Peppy. Beagles are escape artists as well. We will have to keep a close eye on Ranger. Yesterday when my husband was cleaning ice off the driveway Ranger found his way though or under the fence in the courtyard. Luckily what he wanted was to be with my husband so he went right to him when called.

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      5. Peppy was just not trainable in many ways; he was very headstrong and belligerent and event though I was young (8 or 9) when we got him, I was old enough to see that he was the root of a lot of problems between my parents. He also had ear issues and required a weekly trip to the vet and expensive ointment or drops to control the ear issues. It was expensive and then he dug a hole under the fence and escaped. My father had to leave work early to take him to the vet (my mom did not drive, nor have access to a car) to have him euthanized before I got home from school. The cocker spaniel could not be house trained … he’d go for a walk and promptly piddle when he came home … in the middle of the hall carpet. This went on for months and my mom said he had to go. The German Shepherd was trainable as to asking for the door but he would not stop jumping up and my mom was unsteady on her feet even then, so he had to go as well. You could say “down” but he had a mind of his own. They decided to go to the vet and ask if anyone was interested in buying a German Shepherd. The vet was interested for himself –
        examined the dog and he had hip dysplasia (common to shepherds) but he did take the dog. I was not very old, maybe 4-5 so I don’t remember Fritzy at all but have pictures with him.


      6. Thank you. When Peppy died, in an effort to pacify me, my parents said “no more dogs until you move out and have your own place – we’ll buy one for you as a house-warming present.” Hmm – I live in the same house, they are both gone … guess that gift is not going to happen is it? ๐Ÿ™‚

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