55 Things # 8 – Send Me Some Sunshine

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We have been blessed with four days of delightful blue skies and sunshine, and while we have a mix of sun and clouds this morning our forecast is for increasing cloudiness today followed by several days of rain mixed with snow.IMG_6248 (2)



Before you read any farther let me suggest that you look out the window. If the sun is shining, stop whatever you are doing (reading this) and go outside and soak up some sun. You can always come back here later. 🙂 I was out earlier with the boys before it started clouding up.

I thought maybe creating a “Sunshine Page” might help (at least figuratively) chase those clouds away. I am going to ask for your help though. I have started off by selecting and posting three “sunshine” songs. Click to listen and feel free to sing along.



Now here is your assignment should you choose to accept it. Send me some sunshine! Think of a sunshine song (there are many) and either send me the link in the comments section below or send me the name of the song (and artist if you know it) and I will try to find a link and add it to this page.

Wishing you all blue skies and sunshine and feel free to return to this page anytime you need to chase those clouds away.


This piece of sunshine was sent by Julie.


Please check out the other sunshine songs sent by readers in the comments section below. 🙂

42 thoughts on “55 Things # 8 – Send Me Some Sunshine

    1. Thanks Michelle. Our snow started over night and we are supposed to get a few more inches today and tonight. We might see the sun again on Friday. Thanks for sending some. A Great song and Great Artist! 🙂

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  1. We have been out enjoying the sunshine and mountain air, but it rainy today so I will definitely enjoy listening to everyone’s suggestions while I hide out in my sewing room 😉


      1. Yes, and every time I hear a weather forecast they are either increasing or decreasing the amount of snowfall inches we are getting on Wednesday … last report had them shaving off an inch or two.

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      2. I thought that too until about 6:00 p.m. when I looked out … I had shoveled and the neighbors on either side had not shoveled and all our sidewalks were clear to the cement. Next time I looked out, everything was white.


      3. Me too Ruth – we got 5 1/2 inches here and this morning it was crunchy and a little crusted over with ice and the snow had drifted. On the bright side, it is late February and not mid-January, so if we can just hang on a little longer … patience is a virtue.

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    1. Hey Caz. I wanted to let you know we were listening to the radio tonight and this song came on. I told my husband that this was the song you shared and he said, “I love that song. Tell Caz Nice job!” 🙂


      1. So for some reason I can’t reply to your question about Weezer down below. So here is your answer. Weezer is a band from the early 90’s

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