55 Things # 12 – May He Rest In Peace

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“You either do what everyone else is doing and you do it better, or you do what no one else is doing and you don’t invite comparison.” ~ Kenny Rogers

22 thoughts on “55 Things # 12 – May He Rest In Peace

  1. Oops – sorry Ruth, I sent you the video from the debate which my Canadian friend asked if they had highlights and so I searched for highlights. This is what I meant to send you – please see my prior message, but swap this YOuTube video in instead:

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      1. Ha ha – my friend Ilene is in her 80s; we are coworkers from the 90s. She lives in Canada and didn’t want to stay up for the debate so I found the video with the highlights. I went to the other site and have no idea why it pasted that when I asked YouTube to share the music video. Tis the season for spooky stuff.

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  2. Ruth – I am hopping on here mid-day to send you this.video. You are younger than me but did you remember Mac Davis – he had two songs and I went to YouTube to listen to those hits and saw this fun song he did with Kenny Rogers. Thought of you right away. All the singers I listened to are slipping away – Helen Reddy, same age (78) also passed away yesterday. Liked her too. Sigh. https://youtu.be/EHnqaDZ2KLk

    (I’m so behind in Reader, even more so as I watched the debate last night)


  3. Hi Ruth – do you like Neil Diamond? I saw this on another blog I just started following a few weeks ago … at 11:00 they’ll say whether the Governor will issue a mandatory or voluntary stay-at-home order. Hope I can still walk – that’s not a frivolous wish in my opinion … anyway, this was a little impromptu mini concert by Neil Diamond tweaking the lyrics a tad. We had snow but its snowing/raining now but not on cement. Have a good day. Stay safe.


    1. My husband just told me she would be on at 11:00. I agree being able to get outside and get exercise is not frivolous. We will still need to go to the farm and care for the chickens and the dogs still need to get out as well. As long as we stay away from others I don’t know why it should be a problem. I will check out the link. Thanks for sharing it.

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      1. I think I will be safe too – hope not to venture anywhere for at least another 3-4 weeks (allergist for shots) and think groceries should hold out that long … looked at my “stock” yesterday. 🙂 I have exactly 10 bags of peanuts left … I would think they’d last a month, but I’m cutting them down a little as we’re getting nicer weather, but don’t want to just cut them down altogether. We will get through this but I hope it does not take too terrible of a toll. You are welcome – it was cute. I always liked Neil Diamond.

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  4. I enjoyed watching the video Ruth. I have heard that song many times, but never saw a video of him and Dolly singing it. I now understand why she gave such a teary remembrance of him which I heard on the national news today. I can remember him singing back in the day as “Kenny Rogers and the First Edition” … they were very powerful here weren’t they?

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the video. I have always thought it was a great duet. The article that I was reading yesterday said that when Kenny Rogers and Barry Gibb (who wrote that song) were in the studio trying to record it they had made many attempts and finally Kenny Rogers said he didn’t even like the song. Barry Gibb then said “what we need is Dolly Parton”. She happened to be recording in the same studio and after singing it with her he loved the song. My husband remembers him with the First edition but I don’t.

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      1. That is interesting about the history of the song with Dolly Parton – it seems like it would be a better song with a woman in the duet. They did make a great duet in that video. I was going to say your husband would remember The First Edition as we’re around the same age I think you said. He looked the same back then, but dark hair/beard and I think he wore glasses.

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