55 Things # 13 – Mom Turned Upside Down

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Many years ago, when my children were young, and I was a much younger, divorced mother juggling a fulltime job and raising 4 daughters, I had a ring (I am not even sure where I got it). It was just an inexpensive piece of costume jewelry and it had the word MOM on it. I was never sure how to wear that ring. Should I put it on so when I looked at my hand I could read the word MOM, or was it better to wear it so that when others might look at my hand they could read it?

One day while looking at the ring I saw the word “MOM” turned upside down and I read the word “WOW”. I then thought about how many times while performing my “Mom” juggling act I felt like I was running in circles, doing the splits, or turning cartwheels and summersaults. Sometimes it really felt like I was upside down.  It suddenly occurred to me that those were the times that I was really WOW. (Wow is defined as an exclamation: expressing astonishment or admiration.) Juggling in itself is challenging at best but juggling while standing on your head is an amazing feat.

I had planned on writing this post some time during this year and with all things our world is experiencing right now I thought that there might need to be some Mom’s that need to hear this. I am sure that there are many Mom’s out there who feel like they are trying to juggle while standing on their head right now and if you are one of them I think of you and say WOW. I admire you and applaud you.

If you are reading this but are not currently a mom trying to raise kids during these challenging times feel free to pass this message along to someone who is and give her the encouragement she needs and the acclamation she deserves.


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19 thoughts on “55 Things # 13 – Mom Turned Upside Down

    1. Thanks Faye! I was never really alone. I was blessed to have many friends and family there to help and support me through it. My husband, even when we were dating, has always told me that I was doing a great job as a mom. It has always been very encouraging. Bless you too!

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  1. I’ve never been a mom and now that ship has passed but from the love I see at your family get togethers, I can tell you did a super job and with the grandchildren as well. It sure was sad this past Sunday that moms and their children could not get together in the UK for their Mother’s Day and hopefully by May 10th things have improved here so mothers and their children can break bread together and exchange hugs and kisses too.


    1. I feel for those mom’s Linda. I have had moments when I wish my kids were still small and living at home so I could keep them close and take care of them. At this point we are all keeping our distance because it seems safest for everyone. Hoping and praying it won’t be long.

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      1. Yes, it would be good to keep them under your protective wing as long as possible, but they leave the nest eventually. Keeping your distance is the best thing to do in these trying times Ruth – the statistics every afternoon are just overwhelming aren’t they?

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      2. I’ve decided not to let the numbers overwhelm me Linda. It seems the only numbers being reported are positive test results, hospitalizations and deaths but not how many people have been tested I don’t think it gives a clear picture.

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      1. Thankfully I can’t remember the mothering juggle. My youngest is 40 years old. Six years ago I had a full-time office job and a weekend job. I have wallowed happily in retirement.

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