Time Marches On

Wow! It’s hard for me to believe that March is over already. I have to tell you that despite the chaos that is going on around the world in many ways things here haven’t changed.

Let me show you.

Spring has sprung –

IMG_6286 (2)

– things are greening up as they always do.

IMG_6303 (3)

Trees are beginning to bud.



Chives, daffodils and Irises are awakening from their winter nap.



There is no longer ice on the pond. But there is mud everywhere.


Strawberry leaves are turning green, as are thyme, oregano and some others that I do not have photos of.

IMG_6307 (2)

The garlic is sprouting. πŸ™‚



Our gardening season has begun. The first seeds we started currently reside in our dinning room along with some of our house plants. My husband set up extra lighting for them.

IMG_6361 (2)

Here we have nasturtiums, calendula, and marigolds. Since only a few marigolds sprouted I replanted them two days ago. All of these will be used as companion plants within our garden to keep various pests away. Since this is the first time we will be doing this I plan to report the results in future posts.


Last week my husband spent countless hours building our hoop house. “It’s not pretty” he said but as long as it’s functional we agree we can live with it. He worked until dark on Friday to get it put together before the rain arrived on Saturday and the wind on Sunday. If it could pass the weekend weather test we would be ready to start using it this week.

With a few adjustments it did withstand the heavy rains and 40-60 mph winds we had over the weekend. As I write this he is preparing to plant lettuce, spinach, swiss chard and cabbage.


On Thursday, when he was still in the building process, he had some help. Peanut (the cat) who hasn’t been around much this winter stopped by for a visit. He and Ranger spent some time getting acquainted.

IMG_6305 (2)

This chickens are very happy this time of year. They enjoy a diet of bugs, grubs and fresh greens.


The farm had been drying up a bit but the rain that came Saturday caused puddling and ponding all over again.


That is a typical spring in Michigan.


Perhaps it was also the rain that brought this crayfish out. When we crossed paths in our back field on Sunday he had no objections to me taking his picture.

While our world has changed so drastically in just the last few weeks I find peace in looking at the ways that it has not changed.

What things in your life have not changed?

Will you be planting a garden this year?




20 thoughts on “Time Marches On

  1. My husband and I have been observing the same things that do not change. The fattening buds on the trees…the way the chickens love picking the new green shoots of grass and the need to prep the garden areas. I love the fact there are some constants in life…even during extraordinary times.

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  2. Great pics and yes spring just feels great. I love helping the plants find their way out of some to start blooming. Happy Spring to you!!

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  3. I’m glad spring is arriving. It is the season of hope. Nature is healing. More people need to get in tune with the positive energy nature brings to us.

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  4. We say home a lot, so current restrictions don’t bother us. We never go to the movies, rarely shop for clothes, and don’t attend cultural events. We continue to enjoy family members, both those who live with us and those far away who call or text.

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    1. We don’t normally go out much either so that is something we don’t miss. The one thing I miss the most is spending time with family but even though we are not getting together we are probably talking more (on the phone) than we have in the past. Social distancing is should be called physical distancing.


      1. Spending time with your family would be hard to do now. We are lucky that the ones that don’t live under our roof are too far away to visit. The NJ daughter phones, and the Danish daughter posts on Facebook.

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  5. I’m so happy spring has arrived! Not much has changed for us either. Since I already homeschool we’re continuing on with that and our renovation. The only thing that has really changed is that we’re staying home more and ordering groceries online.

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    1. I know Michelle. Now more than ever we need spring! Grocery shopping has changed for us too. My husband and I always did shopping together but now he is going by himself for groceries.

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