55 Things #19 – Celebrating May

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In the U.S. We have a couple of holidays that we celebrate in May. The first is Mother’s Day which is always celebrated on the second Sunday of May (May 10, 2020). The other is Memorial Day which is observed on the last Monday of May (May 25, 2020).

For those who don’t celebrate these, or might want to get an early start in celebrating this month, I thought I would share with you some other options.

May 2

According to Days of the Year.com May 2 is Naked Gardening Day. As much as I love gardening I have to tell you that I will not be celebrating this day. I certainly won’t judge those who opt in, but I can imagine this activity being both uncomfortable and dangerous. No Thanks!!! I do, however, believe that there was a time and place when naked gardening was the way to go. The time was “In The Beginning” and the place was The Garden of Eden.

May 4

According to World National Days.com May 4th is Respect for Chickens Day. This is another day that I won’t be doing anything out of the ordinary. I always treat our chickens with respect. I greet them with “Hi Girls” as we arrive at the farm and they run up to the car; I thank them while I collect eggs from the coop; and I bid them a “good night gang” as we close them in the coop at night. So however you might decide to celebrate Respect for Chickens Day you can be assured that our chickens are being respected also.

May 7

World National Days.com also lists the first Sunday in May (May 7, 2020) as World Laughter Day. This is a day that I would like to see everyone make an effort to celebrate. In fact I think everyone should make an effort to laugh at least a little everyday. So why not start your celebration today?

Will you be celebrating any of these?

If you could pick a holiday for everyone to celebrate what would it be?

Do you have a good joke you would like to share?





35 thoughts on “55 Things #19 – Celebrating May

    1. The only annuals we planted out so far are pansies in pots but I have covered them a few nights. I think tonight is supposed to be our last night of freezing temps and I just heard we should have some days in the 80’s next week. Let the planting commence! 🙂


  1. That’s hilarious–our neighbours (not the new ones) were posting on FB about planning to garden naked yesterday but we weren’t sure why. When we saw them though, they were both clothed and said it was too cold to be naked. Lol!

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  2. May 5 is Cinco de Mayo. I know it’s an Mexican holiday but we like celebrate it by eating tacos. 🙂


  3. And May first was May Day. I remember making a pretty little decoration one year in grade school to hang on a neighbor’s door. Being on the farm I doubt that it was ever hung. But my creative self treasures the memory

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    1. I don’t remember ever doing that or any other May Day celebration but it sounds like a neat idea. It’s probably the gardener in me that thinks giving a potted plant to a neighbor would be a great thing to do.


  4. I enjoyed a chicken today. Neighbor Shawn has one chicken left, and Logan lured the chicken to us as we sat outside to chat. I haven’t checked the photo yet to see if it is good enough to use.

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      1. Shawn had more chickens, but they’ve all died now. When this one dies, they won’t replace it for a while. They’ve had interesting pets, too. I wish we had lived here when they had a miniature horse.

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      2. Because we raise chickens for eggs we usually add at least a few to our flock every year. Do they have a lot of property? Our township requires a minimum of 5 acres for hooved animals.


      3. We live on the lower slope of a mountain, and no one here has more than an acre of land. We’re also out in the country with no zoning laws. There are rules for our area — restrictions of fences, outbuildings, and large animals. People pretty much do what they want, and so far no one has objected.

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  5. I did not know about World Laughter Day Ruth – you know, it seems like I only see picture memes or cartoons anymore and no jokes but if I come across one, I will be sure to share it with you. We sure need more giggles these days.

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