55 Things #20 – Full Flower Moon

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You might remember that in March we only had intermittent views of the full worm moon and in April while others were viewing the full pink moon we were treated to a different act of nature. (click the month to read those posts.) So on Wednesday evening when the moon was rising and the skies were clear I headed to the farm to view the nearly full flower moon. It was still 24 hours before peak fullness but I didn’t want to take any chances on missing it. Below are some of the views from that evening.

IMG_0053 (2)


IMG_0057 (2)


IMG_0069 (2)

The orange glow in the foreground is from the campfire that I was sitting by.

IMG_0071 (2)


IMG_0059 (2)





IMG_0068 (2)

Sun setting in the west as the moon was rising in the east.

IMG_0072 (2)

The sky to the south as darkness falls.

IMG_0067 (2)

Before I explain this last picture I thought we would have a little fun and see if you can guess what is going on here. Leave your guess in the comments below. I will provide an explanation in my next post so be sure to follow along.

Did you see the full flower moon?


21 thoughts on “55 Things #20 – Full Flower Moon

      1. Hi Ruth – that’s good … had those temps slipped down one more degree the fruit trees would be in peril. That said, tonight may have snow showers again. Good – glad I guessed semi-correctly. I just got here … spending a day away was not good for staying caught up here on WP. I hope you post what it was. I could not think of the terminology, so called it a “legal burn” … hope Smokey the Bear would be happy with your project. 🙂

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  1. I missed the moon this time around.
    I wouldn’t mind sitting by a campfire… always such a good time.
    As far as the last picture is concerned – an island on fire? Did a thunderbolt strike it? Or is it a nest on fire?

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  2. I got to see it . The moon was big and bright in the sky well before darkness fell. I never realized each month’s moon had a name. I had heard of the harvest moon of course but didn’t really know of others. As far as your picture I’m guessing is a sunrise reflection on a chilly morning with wispy mist looking like smoke . Whatever it is, it is a really nice pic.

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    1. That would make for a pretty picture but this one was taken as the moon was rising. 🙂 I am just learning all the different names for the full moon as well.


      1. My photos of the moon are never dramatic. I think the angle is not right, since we don’t see the moon until it rises over the mountain. I need more atmosphere between me and the moon to get one of the super-sized moon effects.


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