55 Things #10 – The Moon

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The nearly full super moon was only intermittently visible through last night’s cloud cover. It is the first of three super moons that we will see this spring. The March full moon is also known as the worm moon, named this by Native Americans, since this is the time of year that worms begin emerging from the ground. Learn more about it here.  I attempted to take some photos but since my photography skills’ are lacking they are not nearly as impressive as it seeing it in person.

The following photos are unedited and are posted in sequence as taken. I am not sure what happened in the second photo, but while I would like to think that I captured some stunning other-worldly event, I suspect there is some type of technical explanation.







While the actual full moon will occur tonight (March 9) the thick cloud cover will prevent us from viewing it. I guess I will have to try again in April.

This awareness of the full moon did remind me of a gardening method that we have talked about trying in the past but have not yet done. Since we have not yet started planting, I think this is the year to try planting by the phases of the moon.

This article from explains what types of plants should be planted during each phase of the moon.

  • First quarter moon cycle (new moon to half full) – Things that are leafy, like lettuce, cabbage and spinach, should be planted.
  • Second quarter moon cycle (half full to full moon) – Planting time for things that have seeds inside, like tomatoes, beans and peppers.
  • Third quarter moon cycle (full moon to half full) – Things that grow underground or plants that are perennials, like potatoes, garlic and raspberries, can be planted.
  • Fourth quarter moon cycle (half full to new moon) – Do not plant. Weed, mow and kill pests instead.

The article also says that while several studies have shown evidence that gardening by the phases of the moon can have positive effects there is no actual proof that it does.

In order to at least start planning for planting I found this handy chart which tells the date of that the moon enters each phase throughout the year. Planting season will begin soon. 🙂 Wish us luck.

Did you get to see the full moon? Have you ever planted by the moon?

Thanks for reading.


22 thoughts on “55 Things #10 – The Moon

  1. The moon is such an amazing mystery. Its cycles do affect many things in nature. It will be interesting to see how the planting goes. Great idea to keep a journal.

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  2. This is an exciting moon for us as it signals the beginning of Spring since the worms will soon grace our concrete sidewalks and driveways – I’ve never been squeamish of worms and have helped them out when I see a robin leering at them and up to no good. 🙂 I did not see the moon Ruth – forgot about it. Been troubleshooting with the computer guy re: the new computer. Now off to bed, so “goodnight moon!” P.S. – Interesting seeing the second picture. The man in the moon did the “put-a-Mento-into-a-bottle-of-coke-trick”.

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    1. I like worms. They are harmless and so good for the soil. I have rescued worms from the concrete when it’s starting to dry out and moved the to a grassy area where at least they have a fighting chance. We are always happy to see them when working in the garden and keep track of areas where there are a lot of them in case we want to dig some and do some fishing.
      So that’s it. I didn’t realize that they had Mentos on the moon. LOL!!!

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      1. Yes, I’ve rescued them from drying out too Ruth. We are just softies. It killed me seeing them on the dissecting tray in biology class! Yes, and you thought the man in the moon had a Pez dispenser with him! Now you know!

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  3. Yes I have planted by the moon. The plants I planted did just fine, however I also planted a few out of sync with the moon. They did ok too. Now, setting fence posts, that is another story. Never set fence posts during a full moon. Why? Post set in the ground during a full moon will be pulled out of the ground. Not all the way, but they will at least loosen. Ihave first hand knowledge with this.

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