Fruit Salad Recipe

We are still picking and eating fresh strawberries and I wanted to share one of my favorite fruit salad recipes that uses strawberries. Not only is it delicious it is simple to make (which makes it even better).

It’s not really important to have a specifics amounts of any of any of the ingredients but I’m going to give the amounts that I used to make it for our family picnic.


1 quart fresh strawberries cored and sliced

2 cans mandarin oranges drained

4 bananas peeled and sliced

4 cups mini marshmallows

Mix all four ingredients in a bowl. Chill until ready to serve.

We had some left over from the picnic on Saturday so my husband took a waffle (left over from breakfast) and topped it with this fruit salad. He said it was DELICIOUS!

15 thoughts on “Fruit Salad Recipe

  1. I haven’t made that in a long time. And it’s a favorite too. We did have fruit topped waffles the other morning. Bananas, strawberries, whip cream and chocolate syrup. It was dessert for breakfast.

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  2. I love this too Ruth. I should make some because this I think I can handle. πŸ™‚ I’m not talented in the cooking/baking department. Ambrosia salad – I like how the marshmallows get all spongy and take on the taste of the fruit.

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