55 Things # 25 – For Tina

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Today my oldest daughter, Tina, turns 32. I didn’t give birth to Tina. She was just over a year old when her father and I married. That didn’t matter; I have always been her mom and she has always been my daughter. She was about 11 years old when we divorced, but again that didn’t matter; Tina was still my daughter and I was still her mom. (NO STEPS)

The song I selected as my Disney dedication for Tina isn’t because it was her favorite song or movie – for that I probably would have selected something from Beauty and the Beast. Instead it is a song that reminds me of our relationship.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Tina and the second song I selected reminds me of Tina and the struggles that she has overcome.

Happy Birthday Kiddo! I love you!

14 thoughts on “55 Things # 25 – For Tina

  1. How did I miss this post. Tina is such a treasure. She has definitely had her trials but I love how she perseveres. She is a talented artist and designer. Someday those abilities will take her far. Happy birthday little girl. I love you !!!

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  2. 32. In the blink of an eye. God puts people where they need to be. You chose beautiful and fitting songs for this beautiful young woman. Many memories of these kids growing up have been sparked since your post for Hanna, but a more recent one that makes me smile .on Tina and Ken’s wedding day when they walked out of the church we all had bubbles we blew in celebration. I had my little neighbor girl with me and she said “why is everyone blowing bubbles at the pricess?” Better than a Disney story💗
    Happy Birthday Tina!

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