55 Things # 35 – For Lindell

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Where does the time go? It was 24 years ago today that I gave birth to my youngest daughter, Lindell.

In keeping with my Disney dedications to my daughters I have selected two songs for Lindell. The first one reminds me so much of Lindell, who has worked as a hostess, waitress and bar tender.

I’m sure it is her beautiful smile and friendly personality that has made her successful in each of these positions. I have had several of her customers tell me that Lindell was their favorite server and how much they loved Lindell.

The second selection is also a Disney song. I chose this song as it reminds me of Lindell when she was young. “Stubborn” was the word that was often used to describe her. When ever I would think stubborn or hear someone else use the word I would correct it and use the word “determined” instead. As frustrating as it could be, I always wanted to put a positive spin on it.

Seeing how far she has come I am certain the her stubbornness determination has served her well. 🙂

Happy Birthday Lindell. I Love You. 💖

12 thoughts on “55 Things # 35 – For Lindell

  1. I remember her early years and determined is certainly a great description of that time. I haven’t seen her in a while , but I imagine that her determination can cause her to become a leader no matter where she is. Happy 24th birthday to her.

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    1. You knew her from the start and I’m certain you had to deal with her determination (stubbornness) a time or two. It’s hard to believe that Kara, who will be 27 soon, was the baby when we first met.


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