55 Things # 37 – Congratulations Abbey

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A couple of weeks ago I received a message from my sister telling me that the book our cousin Abbey had illustrated was now available on amazon. I am so excited for Abbey.

Some of you may remember Abbey, and her art work, from this post in May of 2019 when we spent the day together at a craft sale. It was that day at the craft sale that Jeffery Schoenherr, a local man, approached Abbey about illustrating his next book.

Due to corona virus restrictions I haven’t seen Abbey since January and was unaware of how the book was progressing. When I received the message from my sister I thought about blogging about it but I decided to wait until I had seen the book in person. That happened this past weekend.

The book, Smitty’s Great Escape, is a simple, delightful tale about “Grandpa” and his dog Smitty.

This cute story, with full-page, color illustrations, that bring the story to life, would be perfect for reading to preschool age children or for children who are learning to read.

To be honest, I personally found the story and the illustrations both enjoyable and relatable. As a dog lover it seems there is always a cute story to tell about or furry friends.

For anyone who might be interested in purchasing a copy of Smitty’s Great Escape it can be found at the amazon link above.

To Abbey I say Congratulations and Attagirl on this wonderful accomplishment.

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