February Crochet Projects

I was working on this post in early March but, for reasons that likely need no explanation, I got distracted and never finished it. Summer was busy and I didn’t do any crocheting but now that it gets dark early again I find myself picking up the crochet hook and yarn each evening. Since the projects that I am working on will be Christmas gifts I won’t be posting pictures until after Christmas so for now you can take a look at the projects that I completed in February.


Something fun for my Valentine.


My husband asked me to make him some mittens because we have a hard time finding gloves that really keep our fingers warm. He said the mittens were better than gloves.

The problem with wearing mittens is that it is difficult to do any thing with your fingers, so I though I would try making some mittens that the top would flip back. I worked off of the same pattern that I used to make my husband’s mittens. I began by making the lower half  of the mitten. Then I finished that part off and attached the yarn a few rows down on the back of the mitten and crocheted across the back then made a chain/foundation stitch across the front adding a few extra stitches so it would slip over the lower part.

The one on the right was the first one I made and I discovered that I did not attach it low enough so it created a gap in the mitten. On the second one I attached the yarn lower on the back of the mitten so the top overlapped the lower part and it came out just as I had hoped. Thankfully these were just prototypes because when I had them finished I realized that I had two right-hand mittens. Oops!


I made a 5 of these hot pads using three balls of crochet cotton. I gave two of them to my neighbor who was thrilled to have them.

My sister sent me a pattern for Yip Yips. I actually had no idea what Yip Yips were. Thank goodness for internet search engines.  I learned that Yip Yips are alien-like Sesame Street characters.  (did you know that?)

IMG_6281 (2)I made two Yip yip’s and thought I would put some chocolate bunnies in them and give them to Jackson and Addy for Easter.

Well it was a nice thought. Lockdowns happened and family gatherings for Easter did not. The best I could do was send the Yip Yip’s home for Jackson and Addy with their dad when he came out to the farm to hive the package of bees he purchased this spring. Hopefully I will be able to give Christmas gifts in person this year.

13 thoughts on “February Crochet Projects

    1. I’m not surprised. I think you would have to be watching a lot of Sesame Street to know what Yip Yip’s are. ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought they were cute but my husband said they were creepy. I had them hanging up in our house for a while but put them away until I could get them to the grandkids because my husband didn’t like them.
      No worries is right – I’m a don’t sweat the small stuff type person. I might decide to make a matching set. Two left handed mittens.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I had no idea what Yip Yips were. It looks like they could make for a neat laundry bag for the kids.

    I laughed when I read you made 2 right mittens. You can always make one of them be the left. The hooded portion will just open down instead of up.


    1. They might be small for laundry but I could see them keeping small toys like mini figurines or Lego blocks in them.
      I laughed too when I realized what I did. I might just make another pair – two left handed. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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