55 Things # 44 – Your Mission – Should You Choose To Accept It.

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Hello Friends. My wish for you is that you have a great day. So I an giving you an assignment or as the title says “a mission”.

Your mission is to

Make It A Great Day!

Please leave a comment telling me what you have done or plan to do to make it a great day! Also be sure to watch for post # 45 where I will tell you my secret for making it a great day.

28 thoughts on “55 Things # 44 – Your Mission – Should You Choose To Accept It.

  1. Today I had a short outting with my sweet sister.
    She will be 82 in December and can run circles around me. We went to a Store near Sandusky. We drove separte but talked all the way there on our phones. We shared special memories of our family. Talked about our brother so far away in Seattle. We shared memories of things she and I have shared. She told me I looked just like our Mother today. I was honored I always thought she was lovely. I think we were closer today than for a long time. We were not even in the same car. The ride home was full of giggles she made us each a sandwich with bread cheese and bologna. One of the best sandwiches I have ever had in my life. We talked about our delicious sandwich and how our Parents loved road trips.
    It was a good day and one we will both remember as a very special adventure!
    I love your Posts Ruth. Thank you for reminding me of my Great Day.

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    1. Precious moments. Thanks for sharing this Cheryl. It made me smile as I can identify with a lot of it. Spending time with sisters or what we call (sister’s day) are the best! I also once had a lady approach me and tell me that I looked just like my mom. It was someone who my mom was friends with since childhood. when she was young. Like you I was honored.


  2. The cold snap has had us going into hibernation mode. It’s hard to leave the comfort of the woodstove, but the sun was shining so beautifully this morning that the dogs and I did take a chilly walk through the woods.

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  3. I love these pictures – they are sweet reminders of the things that make your life complete Ruth.

    As for me, I broke tradition and left my alarm off today – one look at the weather report for today was enough for me to know I could sleep in as I knew there would be no walk, just the worry that the power would go out – so far, so good, but it is raging out there and I am sure you have the same weather as me. So my extra sleep was wonderful. Yesterday was beautiful weather, despite being cold, so I did enjoy a very long walk, three parks and took lots of pictures … I did not get anything done at the house, but I gave myself permission to slack off. 🙂


    1. I’m glad you like the pictures Linda. It was the perfect day to break from your routine and sleep in. There are some power outages in our area but thankfully ours has stayed on.
      If raking leaves was on your list of things to do at the house it is probably best that you waited. After all that wind and rain all of the leaves should be down now so you won’t have to re-do it as more come down. If you are really lucky the leaves will have blown away and you won’t have as much clean up to do. 🙂

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      1. Yes, I took yesterday to myself – next weekend, will buckle down and get a little more done. I was lucky too because that wind was something else and lots of people still without power and out-of-state linemen coming in to help. I was thinking that just a week ago, it would have been warmer and more comfortable with no heat, but certainly not last night … it was and is downright cold! My backyard has so many leaves I can’t see the grass – none are mine, just like out front. All the leaves are down, so have contacted the handyman to do the gutters whenever he is ready. I wish those leaves in the backyard would leave but they’ll just blow against the fence, so that is on my list to do next weekend if it doesn’t rain.

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      2. My husband has cleaned our gutters twice and will have to check them one more time now that all the leaves are down. The wind did carry away a lot of our leaves the rest are piled up neatly between the house and the shed so I just need to pick up that pile. Mother nature was very helpful this time.

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      3. Jim (the handyman) said he’ll try to fit me in between now and Thanksgiving, though I doubt he did any gutters today – we had some snow, the roof was slippery, as was the sidewalk … I was into my lug-soled boots this morning to walk after hearing of all the accidents, even a jack-knifed trailer. We had some snow settled on the lawn, but likely the wind blew it away. We have a windy week … Mother Nature will likely blow some more leaves around.

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  4. Enjoying this the Lord’s Day—going to church and having one of our sons (we have four sons and one daughter), and his family there with us. Blessings beyond measure. I can tell from your photos you like very much the same things I do—flowers, dogs, chickens (#chickensmakeuschuckle), nature, children. All grand gifts from a loving generous Father. Glory!

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  5. There isn’t much left of the day, but John and I walked to the creek (2.5 miles round trip). We drove to the local apple orchard and bought a peck of apples – two kinds. Grandson David will be home from work soon, and we’ll sit with him while he eats dinner. We have our mail meal between 2 and 3 pm, so he has the leftovers. It has been a great day.

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      1. If I ate every time I sat at the table with people, I’d be as big as a barn. I was thinking of you the other day when I added garlic to a chicken dish. I didn’t always keep fresh garlic on hand, but I do now with son $ sharing the kitchen.

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