Homemade Christmas Gifts 2020

If you know me, or have been following my blog for very long, then you probably know that much of the month of December I spent making Christmas gifts.

In early December, with a plan in mind, I ventured to Joann Fabrics to get the supplies that I would need. It was a fun outing because I met my youngest daughter there. She wanted to pick out some fabric for a project that I am now making for her. She also helped me select fabric for the gifts I would make for Jackson and Addy.

For Jackson and Addy I decided to make fleece bathrobes.

I also made them each a pair of flannel pajama pants and a stuffed puppy to match.

I was quite pleased with the way everything turned out.

The puppies were a little more challenging that I expected.

For my daughters, who are all dog lovers and puppy parents, I decided to make paw print scarves. I also crocheted them each a pair of slippers since it had been several years since I had made them any.

Somehow I neglected to take a picture of the four scarves all of which were the same pattern as the one above but in different colors. At least when I realized this I still had one scarf and pair of slippers that had not been delivered yet.

It wasn’t until I saw Addy putting on the slippers that I made for her mother that I realized that I wasn’t quite finished with the outfits I made for the grandkids. Can you guess what I’m crocheting now?πŸ˜‰

19 thoughts on “Homemade Christmas Gifts 2020

  1. These pictures made me so very happy. Everything turned out so well. The love you put into the gifts are a gift in its self. Handmade gifts create the best memories . And what could possibly be a better choice than a cozy robe, soft sleep pants and a cuddly puppy. So perfect to wrap those babies in in their grandmas love every day .

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    1. Thanks Anne. To me that’s what Christmas is. Funny story: I noticed Kara wearing leg warmers that looked like they were crocheted. When I asked her if someone made them for her she said “you did”. It was probably about 12 years ago. I didn’t remember making them until she reminded me. She didn’t really wear them at that time but she now likes the style. That made my day.


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