The Best Things In Life

Last Sunday morning there was a knock on our door. My husband went to see who was there and returned saying it was my sister. As I walked out on the deck I realized that she had stopped by to bring me the geranium that she had talked about giving me.

She had two large geraniums that she had brought inside and nurtured over the winter. They were both thriving and she had asked if I would like one. I have decided this one will adorn our deck for the summer and perhaps I too will be able to keep it alive through next winter.

This link offers three ways to preserve geraniums over the winter so you don’t have to buy new plants each year.

Thanks J.B. (and thanks K.C. for sending me the first photo in this post). ❤❤

13 thoughts on “The Best Things In Life

  1. That is a gift that keeps on giving Ruth – how thoughtful of your sister. Years ago I rode the bus with a woman who lived down the street. We’d sometimes walk to the bus stop together and one time as she walked past my house, she commented on the geraniums which were two shades of pink and called “Strawberry Sizzle” – some of the proceeds of the flower went to breast cancer research. So this woman, named Anne, said she had porch pots with red geraniums but didn’t buy them. I thought that was my cue to ask if they were a gift. “No” she said – she had the same geraniums for years and at the end of the growing season put them in a closet and overwintered them there and after a few weeks in the Spring, they were just as nice as the Summer before. I thought she was joking at the time, but she assured me she was not. Now I see the living proof.

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      1. When you identified the hibiscus flowers for me a few years ago, I might have told you the story of my neighbor Marge. I had two hibiscus plants and a small mandevilla tree. She had a big kitchen, and doorwall which the sun so she overwintered these three items for me. I gave her fertilizer for them and they bloomed for her. Then she got a dog and had to let him out on the deck, so I had to keep them in my basement. They didn’t last a month. They had some fluorescent light but not enough and water would go everywhere when I watered them. It was good leaving them at Marge’s while it lasted. 🙂

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  2. Sisters are the best !! Overwintering those geraniums worked out so well. I know she was excited to share with you. ( p.s. those pansies you gave me in the spring of 2020 are still happy and blooming here in the mountains)


    1. They are beautiful. I bought two this spring for my porch pots but now that I know I can keep them over winter I think I am done buying them. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. 🙂


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