Michigan Strawberries

We Michiganders love our locally grown strawberries and it’s that time of year to get them. Since the season is short and may even be a bit early I thought I would give a head’s up to any local readers.

My husband picked our first 1/2 quart yesterday. The berries this year are smaller than in past years. This can be attributed to the drought that we are experiencing. I also won’t be surprised if there are less berries this year because of the drought. Even so we will be thankful for all that we do get.

Now to decide what to make with them. Hmmm. Do you have any strawberry recipes you would like to share?

23 thoughts on “Michigan Strawberries

  1. I have found that the smallest strawberries tend to be the sweetest, so enjoy. All I can find are the large ones at the grocery store and they are not nearly so flavorful. πŸ˜‰


  2. My mom used to make strawberry dumplings – I am not talented in the baking department at all, so I’d have to just wash and eat ’em like them. I am a “no frills woman”. πŸ™‚ Your husband didn’t make any pie requests?

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  3. My strawberries are just starting to ripen but they do look smaller. I have five of the ever-bearing plants. Usually I buy big flats from the farmers market as I made two batches of strawberry freezer jam last year and we ate all of them. I haven’t been to the market this year but usually it’s the end of June, but like you mentioned it might be earlier this year. We binge on strawberry shortcake too!


    1. Ours usually start around mid June but I know different varieties ripen at different times. I still have a few quarts in the freezer from last year that need to be made into jam. I also think I am going to try making blueberry jam (especially with our shortage of strawberries this year).

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      1. You could combine the strawberries with other fruits. Strawberry Rhubarb jam is really good. I’ve never tried strawberry blueberry but I bet it would be good as well.

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      2. I think we have picked about 6 our 7 quarts so far. I have 5 in the freezer and we have been eating the fresh as well. I still have some frozen from last year that I will make into jam this week – now that it’s cooled a bit and we can turn off the A/C.


  4. Moms recipe for strawberry rhubarb coffee cake was always a favorite. But now that I have given up all those high carb foods I enjoy a few chopped up with just a bit of cream poured over them . Simple and delicious.


    1. In a normal year I usually freeze about 20 quarts. I don’t think we are going to have enough to freeze this year but we did just enjoy some fresh as an evening snack. Yes we will need to savor each one.

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