This Week’s Idiom

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Hickory Nuts

Our idiom this week is a hard (tough) nut to crack.

The tells us this phrase means:

a problem that is difficult to solve

a person that is difficult to deal with

someone or something that is difficult to understand or

a person hard to get to know or to get close to

This expression is a metaphor alluding to the tough exterior of a nutshell and how hard they are to crack open. It has been in use since the 1700s.

Have you ever used this expression?

16 thoughts on “This Week’s Idiom

  1. I have used it in the past Ruth … my mom had a treasure trove of expressions she used over the years, some I suspect she got from her mom, or were just trendy at the time, but I picked them up too.

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      1. Ha ha – I have a lot of idioms I use that were “passed down” – hope you fared okay with the storms and rain last night Ruth. I heard Detroit Metro winds were clocked at 62 mph for the Wednesday afternoon storm and we had 2.73 inches of rain. I hope that did not do the rest of your gardens in.

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      2. Glad you had no wind damage or power outage – I was amazed the total number of power outages across Michigan. Some DTE people won’t get it back until Sunday night even with all the out-of state help. Fall cannot come soon enough … only if it is cooler, less-volatile weather. Hope it didn’t wreak too much havoc on your garden. No rain now until late Tuesday, but not much is what I’m hearing.


      3. I am going to do a garden update – I’ve just been having a hard time because I like to keep things positive and this year gardening has not been good. Looks like it will be a pleasant weekend. Enjoy!

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  2. Interesting that it has been used since the 1700s , I can’t recall ever using it. I have been trying to pay more attention to expressions I use since you started this series, and I dont find I use many idioms. I have seen several variety of nut trees growing here on the mountain. The critters love them.

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    1. Since we realized how much work it was to get the little bit of meat out we decided that the squirrels could have ours. They are abundant this year – the squirrels should be well fed.


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