Spreading Their Wings

We moved the chicks to their new dwelling on Monday. Having raised chicks several times over the last 10 years we knew it was time for the upgrade, or stage two as we’ve called it in the past. Being in the stock tank is fine when they are very young, but eventually, within a couple of weeks, they begin getting curious and more active. We see them craning their necks – wondering what is up and out there. They also begin using their wings to fly up and sit on top of their feed or water dishes. Past experience has taught us that before long they will fly up to the top rim of the stock tank, and from there the sky is the limit (or they could get into some serious trouble anyway). These chicks are just too young to be out exploring the world on their own – that will come in due time.

Chicks 2018

For stage two we set up this hutch where we can still keep them contained, but they have a view of the outside world. The lid assures that they can’t fly out, and we put a roost inside because even at this age they like to roost. Since the weather is still too chilly for these chicks to be comfortable outside, we covered it with a large piece of canvas and set up the heat lamp inside. This provides sufficient heat to keep these young ones alive and well.

White Jersey Giant and Black Jersey Giant Chicks 2022

The chicks first huddled together under the heat lamp.

Wing feathers grow in first then tail feathers begin to come in next

Before long they began to explore.

The roosting instinct begins early
Curious about the outside world

The chicks are now content in their new digs where they will spend the next few weeks while their feathers grow in and the weather warms up.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Spring! πŸ™‚

27 thoughts on “Spreading Their Wings

      1. Are they okay to stay in the barn and not free range until this avian flu passes? Too bad it was not in the Winter months when they are inside all the time.


      2. Hopefully they are okay Ruth. I think your pond is too big to stretch netting over the pond to deter the geese until you are ready to enjoy it this Summer?


      1. Hey Ruth,

        Many thanks – it still has a way to go, as there are tweaks that need doing. But l am testing to see if the system works for people to view πŸ™‚

        There may have been a glitch that needed ironing out, but if you can view then it’s been fixed πŸ™‚

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  1. They are such soft adorable little things. All that fuzzy down and sweet peeping. Every time we agreed we were done keeping chickens, spring would arrive and Randy would come home from the farm store with a new batch of babies. Irresistible. Lots of memories from our chicken days.

    Liked by 1 person

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