Spring Has Sprung

According to the calendar spring officially arrived today and the weather today was very spring-like. So, what’s a girl to do to celebrate the arrival of her favorite season? For this girl the answer is get her hands in the dirt.

Here in Michigan the ground is still partially frozen and the part that is not frozen is mud, so getting into the garden is out of the question. However, several weeks ago I planted some Johhny Jump Up seeds in small peat pots. (Johnny Jump Ups are also known as wild pansy.) My husband has been nurturing the little seedlings – making sure they have enough water and light.

Today I decided to transplant some of them into pots.

We’re hopeful that they are hardy enough to survive the cool/cold (early)spring temperatures, but I didn’t plant them all so if we lose some, I can replace them.

I also set out our bulb pots. These are some pots that I had planted daffodils and tulips in last year. When the foliage died back and the soil dried up we stored the pots, with the soil and bulbs still in them, in the barn for the winter. When my husband brought them out of the barn last week some of the bulbs were already beginning to sprout.

I set the pots in place beside the deck and will let nature takes it course.

I can’t wait to see spring flowers.🌷

Have you seen any spring flowers?

Have you or will you be planting any flowers?

25 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. We were thinking last week of starting to do some gardening then woke up this morning to snow! Well, March came in like lamb here, so I guess it’s going out like a lion. Here’s hoping April is milder:-)


  2. Ruth – I saw snowdrops a month ago and can’t believe they are hanging in there between the wintry mixes, torrential rain and all this wind. I saw daffodils today. I don’t plant bulbs because my father planted tulip bulbs years ago and the squirrels got to all but one, dug them up, chewed on them and left the bulbs around the yard. That was my cue not to plant bulbs and to enjoy others’ Spring flowers. I hope they survive the wintry mix this Saturday – crazy weather!

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      1. We will be protecting the pansies (bringing them in) while we get through this next cold spell. I’m hopeful that will be the last of it. I still make soaps and the last batch I made came out nice with a very creamy lather. I have decided that I no longer care to sell them. I’d rather teach others how to make their own.


  3. Hey Ruth – good to see the planting has begun :0 I have a gardening post out tomorrow talking about similiar things also. My pansies survived the worst of winter and are now starting to come to life too πŸ™‚


  4. The mountains are waking up . I’m seeing more and more blooms springing up on my daily walks. Some of the butterflies have started to return as well. There are so many varieties here. Soon the hummingbirds will return as well. I can’t wait to spot my first one. Its an extremely exciting time of year,
    it does bring a sense of hope , renewal and wonder to my heart.

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