Normally this time of year I would be putting strawberries in the freezer and making strawberry jam, but last fall we noticed that our strawberry plants had lost their vigor. We would need to start a new bed this spring. It was still winter when we placed our order for 75 strawberry crowns that would be delivered in late May. The plants arrived as scheduled and were planted in some of our raised beds. They are doing well but starting over means we will not have strawberries for our favorite jam this year.

After seeing how productive our cherry tree was this year (I had more than enough for a couple of pies) I decided it was time to try something new – cherry jam. While I was at it, I thought I would use up some of the blueberries I still had in the freezer from last year to make a batch of blueberry jam.

On Tuesday I made 3 pints of cherry jam and 3 pints of blueberry jam.

As we sampled them with breakfast this morning, I couldn’t help but wonder if strawberry is still out favorite jam.

Do you have a favorite jam?

15 thoughts on “Jammin’

  1. Do you ever make rhubarb-strawberry jam Ruth? Maybe when your crop comes back full strength again. I like peach or apricot best, but sometimes I buy blackberry if I can find seedless.


    1. I haven’t made strawberry-rhubarb jam but have used the combo in pie and crisp. Peach sounds really good to me but I have a feeling that if we grew peaches (we tried in the past but lost all of our trees) they would never make it to the jam stage. They would get eaten fresh or I would be canning them.

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      1. My mom used to stew up rhubarb and strawberries and we’d have it over ice cream or on toast. She didn’t put it up though, just made a big batch and would freez some. Sometimes a pie, but more stewing it in a big pot. The smell of fresh peaches is too good to resist, especially the big juicy ones.

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  2. Red Raspberry hands down favorite of all time. Strawberry second. Mixed berry always good too. I personally love Strawberry Rhubarb. There is a lady in our town that makes a calamondin marmalade that is heavenly. I have not tried the cherry, I bet it is delicious 😋

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    1. We have some blackberry bushes that we planted many years ago that have never produced berries. They are on the west side of a wood line so I suspect they don’t get enough sun. We should probably move then to a sunnier location. It would be nice to have blackberries and another option for jam.

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  3. Peach! I have some strawberry freezer jam left from last year, but no peach! Your post reminded me that I need to go to the strawberry farm and buy a flat of berries. I had some last week but they were a little bit too early or not sweet enough to my liking, but some things have been later this year.


    1. Oh peach sounds good. We tried growing peach trees when we first bought the farm but lost them all in one of those really cold winters. I would love to have a peach tree or two as they are so expensive at the orchards. I happy that this reminded you to get your strawberries. Locally grown, in seasons berries are always the best!

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    1. Hi Kristian. My sister loves raspberry jam and when she lived here in Michigan had a very prolific raspberry patch. She said she will miss that now that she is no longer here. Do try the cherry it has a nice blend of sweet and tart. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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