Our Watering Can(‘t)

Several days ago my husband discovered that the watering can that we leave on our deck, for watering our potted plants, was clogged up. No water would come out. As he removed the screw-on sprinkler head from the can to clear the blockage a small frog jumped out. The blockage was cleared.

This morning, as I began watering, the can was once again clogged up. Not wanting to be startled by a frog jumping out at me, I slowly removed the sprinkler head from the can. As I lifted the head off the can there was nothing there. I looked inside the sprinkler head and the holes were clear. I then glanced down at the watering can and spotted this little frog sticking its head out.

“Oh, it is you I said,” while the little critter just sat there apparently not wanting to be disturbed (again).

I picked the watering can thinking it might hop out but instead it backed down into the neck of the can refusing to be evicted.

While my husband and I have great respect for wildlife we were not about to turn this watering can into a frog condo. Good watering cans have become quite costly. So, when I called my husband to tell him of this dilemma, he began planning an alternative housing situation for froggy.

He cut a hole in the side of this ice cream bucket, then placed the rock inside. He found this piece of tree bark that the little guy could use as a ramp and then he put water in the bottom of the bucket.

Getting the frog out of the watering can proved to be a bit challenging, but after gently poking it out of the neck of the can with a stick, pouring all the water out of the can, and shaking it upside down quite a bit the frog finally dropped out of the can.

My husband the placed it in its new digs and put the lid on to provide shade. Froggy is still free to come and go through the hole (door) in the side.

I placed the new frog house in the flower bed amongst the potted plants where it will not get too much sun.

I think it would be a lovely place to live if I were a frog.

Additional Note: I refilled my watering can this evening and left it inside our mudroom so froggy can’t return to it.

20 thoughts on “Our Watering Can(‘t)

  1. How funny Ruth and I like your title about the watering can’t as well. 🙂 What a cute picture with the frog’s in the spout. I like what your husband did for Froggy – now he is living the life he could only dream of before. Today at the Park there was a big turtle on the other side away from the water. I saw it and thought “last time I saw that the Mama turtle was there to dig a nest to lay eggs, then return to the water.” Later on another lap around, a guy was walking with the turtle in his hands (it was a big turtle) and grinning ear to ear saying “going to return this guy where it belongs, in the water as it keeps escaping to the other side.” Hope that is what the turtle wants ….”

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    1. Thanks Linda. I have to do a follow up post. It seems that froggy did not like his new digs. After a couple days we put the watering can back outside but left it on the table (thinking ‘Out of sight out of mind’). Yesterday I was refilling the watering can with that hose and froggy jumped out of the watering can. He was on the hose when my husband came home so he put him back on the watering can. I may be shopping for a new watering can. LOL!
      I was recently told that if you see a turtle crossing the road and decide to move it you need to move it in the direction that it is heading in. They know where they are going.

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      1. That is funny Ruth – this is an assertive frog and he knows where he wants to live. Perhaps he likes the soothing color. 🙂 How come I am never lucky enough to see one of these little guys at my house?

        I agree with you about the turtle. A few years ago we had two turtles lay eggs at the Park. And where this turtle was found, was that one turtle was digging the dirt with its flippers and laying eggs. Same location! It no doubt waited til the guy left and went back there again.

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