Home Sweet (Froggy) Home

I learned something this week. I don’t think like a frog.

Regular readers will remember this recent post about the frog who was interfering with my watering routine by hanging out in my watering can. We thought we had solved the problem by giving it and alternative housing option. It was a pretty cool setup if you ask me.

The frog, however, didn’t ask me and apparently didn’t share my opinion because it left its new home that evening and did not return. After a couple of days of keeping my watering can in the mud room, we started leaving it on the deck – up on the table. On Tuesday when I was refilling the watering can with the hose guess who hopped out. Yep! Somehow that frog had found its way back into the watering can even though the can was up on the table.

Well, its persistence paid off. When my husband got home the frog was hanging out on the garden hose and since my husband wanted to use the hose, he moved the frog back to the watering can.

I then placed the watering can in the flower bed. I think it’s garden art with a purpose.

Later that day, when my husband was going to the farm store, I asked him to pick up another watering can. He obliged. ๐Ÿ™‚

20 thoughts on “Home Sweet (Froggy) Home

  1. I love this story Ruth – you both are accommodating and you made one little frog very happy. Will you let him stay inside for Winter or do you think he burrowed down in your pond in previous Winters?

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    1. I not sure where tree frogs hibernate in the winter but there will be no need for us to provide his accommodations it seems. A few days later when my husband looked for him he had left his comfy quarters and has not returned. We were able to reclaim our watering can and have an extra one as well.

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      1. Interesting he moved on Ruth … I was thinking he rather liked being another family pet. ๐Ÿ™‚ I wonder if it got too hot inside the plastic? It was a cute story from start to finish.

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