Lavender In Bloom

My sister sent me this meme yesterday.

I replied, “You know me well.” 🙂

Our lavender is blossoming right now.

It takes up a large portion of our prayer garden and is lovely in contrast with the red roses and the yellow evening primrose which are also in bloom.

The lavender is a favorite of the bees.

While the honeybees were indulging as well, the bumble bees were the ones that I could capture in my photos.

I do regret that there is no feature that allows me to share their wonderful fragrance with you over the internet.

Thanks for visiting.

13 thoughts on “Lavender In Bloom

  1. The lavender is lovely. Anyone who has ever been around lavender plants will experience the fragrance again from your beautiful photos 💜

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  2. Your lavender is lovely Ruth! Some of mine didn’t survive the harsh winter, so it’s been a disappointing year, especially as I like to make sachets. I’m not inclined to replant especially as I waited too long to buy, hoping it would come along.

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    1. Some of my plants that are planted in lower areas are struggling as well. I think the lower ground was just too wet for them. My plants that are in higher and dryer ground do so much better.

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