Halloween Costume

In early October my daughter sent me this message “Hey mom, I’m trying to be a bat for Halloween, but I also like the idea of having something I can wear for more than one day and I came across this shawl. What are the odds you (or I) could make something like this by late October? Just curious. Thanks!” This was what she wanted me to create.

I chuckled thinking “No way!” (First of all I don’t knit. Second it would take me way longer than a month to make something like that.) Then I smiled thinking that she must think I am some kind of ‘super woman’. LOL!

I then went online to see what I could find that might work for her. My reply to her was “That’s not much time for a crocheted shawl. The sewing pattern shirt (linked) below could be done easily. The crocheted pattern (linked) below I could do but probably not in time. Check out the links below. ” I had found this sewing pattern and this crochet pattern.

When we talked, we decided I would sew the batwing shirt for her. It was a very simple pattern and reading the tutorial that I linked above made it even easier. Here’s how it turned out.

Thanks for reading and Happy Haunting!

26 thoughts on “Halloween Costume

      1. You lucked out with that Ruth – I can only imagine how much patterns cost these days. I used to make most of my own clothes while in high school. I am tall and they didn’t make pants in long lengths and sleeve length was always too short.

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      2. a lot of companies now offer free patterns online they are pdf’s that you download, print and tape together. They will often have instructions for altering if you need to make them longer, shorter, wider etc… The same companies will usually have some patterns for sale or sell fabrics. Both the patterns and fabrics can be expensive.

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      3. That’s great Ruth. I have a friend who occasionally posts free crochet patterns – I think I might have passed along a link to you once. I don’t know why she posts that info – she doesn’t do needlework.

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  1. I couldn’t love this more. It clicks all the boxes. Quick, easy, adorable, exactly what she asked for, and she is happy with it. Just look at that beautiful smile. Well done mama!! (and Happy Halloween )


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