First Flowers and Moving Day

Our first flowers of the year are blossoming.

Crocuses are so pretty.

I was thinking about planting more but maybe I’ll just let them multiply on their own.

We moved the chicks to their new (transitional) housing yesterday. They are beginning to feather out but still require supplemental heat from the heat lamp. They will need to be in this hutch for a while as they would likely not survive at the farm with the cool temperatures we are still having.

It took them a while to adjust to their new home. (Check out their guardian angel beagle in the background.)

Eventually they began exploring and found their food and water. They also seem a bit curious about the outside world.

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21 thoughts on “First Flowers and Moving Day

    1. It’s funny how Ranger watches over the little chicks but he doesn’t pay much attention to the full-grown hens at the farm. Ruby, on the other hand, hasn’t paid much attention to the chicks but keeps the chickens at the farm inline.
      With that kind of weather in the forecast they might move to the farm. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. That is interesting – they are both protectors. Do you think it has anything to do with you adopting them – what I mean is they saw you and your husband as their “saviors” and “rescuers” so they in turn feel the need to do likewise to the chicks and hens? Maybe I’m overthinking it but animals are so smart sometimes. This is a beautiful weekend for the Easter holiday … I’ll bet you can move those munchkins to the farm by next week – no rain and sunny and warm.


      2. That’s an interesting thought but I think with Ruby it’s being part shepherd it’s her herding instinct. She can round up the whole flock and get them in the coop at night.
        With Ranger I think it’s the way we introduced him to the chicks – it’s the same thing we did with Scout and Trooper. We told him that those are his babies and he has to be nice to the babies. We praised him when he was being nice – just watching or sniffing, but if he tried to snap at them he was told “no” and he had to be nice to the babies. This has worked well so far with all our dogs.

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      3. You’ve done a wonderful job training all your dogs Ruth. Now I’ve seen how Scout, Trooper, Ranger and Ruby act since we have been following one another and I commend you for that. I was young when I last had a dog, but we had three dogs and none of them were trained and my mom said no more dogs after the poodle dug under the fence, ran away and ate poison and had to be euthanized. The spaniel we took on walks and it came in the house and piddled. My mom was pretty exasperated. The shepherd, our first dog, had to be euthanized as he developed hip dysplasia at a young age, but he also was not house trained. Mom had a fox terrier growing up who was completely trained in a few weeks, never an issue with him.

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  1. Crocus are so cheery , fighting off winter and promising spring is on the way. Did Ranger approve the move? He looks like he is enjoying the new episodes of “chick tv”


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