Chicken Fun

A couple of readers commented on my last post about the fun of watching our chicks grow. Those comments reminded me and my husband of the fun flock we had in 2017 so I thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of them.

That year we had 10 buff orpington chicks, the same breed we have this year. We have found this breed to be the friendliest and most social of any of the chickens we have had.

In the pictures below I think they are about 10 weeks old. My husband was ready with the camera because he knew what I was in for. He had the same experience the previous evening.

As I sat outside the coop watching the flock (an activity otherwise known as chicken TV) and waiting for them to go in for the night, a couple of the young ones decided to join me.

Then a couple more. I didn’t mind them sitting on me, but I knew I needed to protect my eyes.

I suddenly became the star of the show and before it was all done, I had all 10 young hens sitting on me while my husband took pictures and I laughed hysterically.

Then one of the hens decided that my husband’s shoulder was the place to be as he was trying to teach them to use the ramp to get into the coop.

Throughout the summer, when we would sit near the coop in the evenings three or four of these hens would come and sit on our laps, and on the nights that we did not “watch chicken TV” one of these hens would wait outside until we showed up to pick her up and put her in the coop at night.

Thinking about that group makes me wonder what fun we will have with this next group. I think it’s gonna be a fun summer. ๐Ÿ™‚

20 thoughts on “Chicken Fun

    1. Not all – but some are. They really have different “personalities”. From our first batch we had one that my husband would hold on his lap when he drove the tractor. I’m glad you liked this.

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      1. Funny about that – I am picturing the hen in his lap enjoying the tractor ride. You remember Kim (of Red Dirt Farm)? She doesn’t post as much now as she is expanding her art and selling it on Etsy and has had some personal tragedy – but she will have photos on her posts of the hens walking around the house, like house pets.

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    1. I’m glad you liked this. It may seem odd but they develop “personalities”. We don’t name all of our hens because it is difficult to tell them apart by just looking at them but if they have characteristics that differentiate them from the rest we will likely give them a name.

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