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More Canning

Hello and welcome.

Last week’s canning and preserving efforts resulted in 14 quarts of tomato juice, 7 pints of pickled banana peppers and 6 half pints of ketchup. We dehydrated another batch of potatoes and a batch of eggplant. I also put about 6 gallon-size bags of tomatoes in the freezer because I just didn’t have time to can them. They will keep well there until I get around to them.

Cooking Ketchup

For the pickled peppers and the ketchup, I used recipes from the Ball Blue Book. We haven’t tasted the peppers yet, but my husband says he never wants to eat store bought ketchup again.

There are still tomatoes ripening and this week’s tomato canning efforts (juice and ketchup) are underway. So, if you’re looking for me, I’ll likely be in the kitchen. 🙂

Until next time be well.

Do you like ketchup? What is your favorite condiment?