From Coping to Managing

I have read a lot of articles lately about how people are coping during the pandemic crises and even had some conversations with family members about it. Today I’d like to share my thoughts on the topic. While the terms coping and managing are often used synonymously they are two very different things.

The following story is how I came to that realization.

It was probably two months after first being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease before I said the words “I have Parkinson’s disease”. Up until that point I was in, what I thought of as, a healthy state of denial. I would say things like “I have been diagnosed with…” or “they tell me I have…” but I was not ready to own it. I guess that was my way of coping.

I remember clearly the day I finally said the words “I have Parkinson’s disease”.  I was alone in the house (I wasn’t  ready to say those words to anyone else) standing at the kitchen sink washing some dishes thinking about what was happening to me. Then I said the words out loud “I have Parkinson’s”. As soon as I said it the voice in my head, God’s voice, said “Yah, you got this.” Then I said, “Yah, I’ve got this. It doesn’t have me. I have it.”

It was then that I remembered that I am the manager of my life. Regardless of the circumstances that come my way, I still get to make decisions about how I respond to them. You might remember from my first post about Parkinson’s disease that I’m not in this alone. I have a wonderful team to support me, but ultimately I am the manager of my life.

My message to you today is, if you find yourself struggling to cope with a situation (COVID 19 or other) remind yourself that you are the manger of your life. Take control, make good decisions for yourself, your family and others around you. Do not let the situation control you – you’ve got this!

Breathe Deep and Carry On!

17 thoughts on “From Coping to Managing

  1. Great advice Ruth, I will follow this for sure. Hope you are all well, you and your family. We finally took a trip up north to check on Our Little Red House. I will be sharing some photos in my updates and hopefully write up a post later. You guys, the ones who live surrounded by nature always have such beauty around you. Being in the city can be a bit hard with all us country lovers. Have a great week.

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    1. We are all well. I’m glad you got to get away to your little house. I watch for your post. We know how blessed we are to live in the country and be surrounded by nature. We are so grateful that God has planted us here. I hope you have a great week too.


  2. I love this!!! I have anxiety and feel out of control a lot. I’m keeping this in mind and whenever my anxiety hits I’ll remember your words and say them out loud, “I’ve got this!”

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    1. Awesome Michelle! I know anxiety sucks but as the manager of your life you can kick it to the curb. I don’t want to over simplify it but I believe your mindset can play a big role in it. You got this!!!

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