Strawberry Season and Chicken Pics

It’s strawberry season in Michigan and we have picked our first five quarts of berries. πŸ™‚ This years berries are smaller than we have seen in past years, likely because of the dry spell we had as the berries were beginning to form, but despite the smaller size they have the sweet wonderful flavor that we have come to expect from our homegrown berries.

If you live in Michigan and want locally grown strawberries now is the time to look for them.

These are the new kids on the block – the chicks we bought earlier this year. When we bought them from the farm store we thought we bought black Australorp chicks. Instead we got a mixed bag. While the small one in the back looks like a black Australorp, two look like barred rocks and while the one in the middle is a beautiful bird, we have no idea what breed he might be.

You might remember that we started out with six chicks. sadly two of them fell prey to a racoon.

We had hoped to get at least one rooster out of the six and at this point we have identified two which we are certain are roosters and a third which we suspect might be a rooster but are more hopeful of it being a hen.

Recently our evening have been spent around the chicken yard, watching chicken TV, and being on the lookout for racoons. The chickens enjoy the evening visits especially this particular evening when my husband was passing out treats. πŸ™‚

Will you be shopping for locally grown produce this year?

20 thoughts on “Strawberry Season and Chicken Pics

  1. What a happy looking bunch of chickens! I bet watching them is much more interesting than regular t.v. πŸ™‚ Now I’m craving strawberries ❀


  2. I’ll bet your husband is getting strawberry pie for Father’s Day Ruth! Chicken TV sounds fun – anything to ward off the predators and you’ll probably get more laughs watching them than any TV program.

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      1. Sounds delicious – well you’ll make a nice strawberry pie or strawberry shortcake — the sky is the limit in strawberry season Ruth. I believe it … they are just as fun as a pet … hope the dogs don’t get jealous.

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    1. Chicken TV is great fun. πŸ™‚ We can only wonder where the mix up happened (the store or the hatchery) They all looked the same as babies. We could probably complain but I’m not sure what they could do about it. We really couldn’t even prove those are the same chicks we bought there. Since we already have a flock of mixed breeds it’s not really a big deal.

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  3. A mixed bag of chickens, hens and roosters, that made me chuckle. It’s like buying pick’n’mix! It’s great you’ve had so many strawberries already, even if they are a little smaller. I love freshly grown strawberries. I always used to buy them at the market in town as they’re picked locally, but with the virus I don’t know what’s happening with the stall any more, I hope it can come back as I like buying local when I can. xx

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    1. Were not sure where the mistake happened if it was at the farm store or the hatchery but clearly the chicks that were labeled Black Australorps were not what they said. It’s not really an issue for us but if it were I’m not even sure what could be done about it. It’s not like you can return 10 week old chicks. LOL!
      I do hope you can find locally grown strawberries and other produce Caz. I always tastes better – especially strawberries. I think it is because they can be left on the vine to ripen. Produce that has to travel great distances must be picked too early and it just doesn’t taste as good.

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  4. I’ve seen a few ads for North Carolina strawberries ( sold by the gallon) but not Tennessee. Still learning what I will be able to get at the local market and what I will need to drive farther for. Such a different world to discover.

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    1. Thant sounds like fun. I remember when I was young going picking with my Mom, Grandma, an Aunt and my sisters. It didn’t take long to pick a lot of berries with that many people. Then we went home and made freezer jam.

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    1. We started watching Chicken TV in 2013 when we got our first chicks. They are more entertaining than most things we can see on TV. Sometimes we even become part of the show when the hop up on a lap. πŸ™‚ Glad you got to enjoy some strawberries.


  5. Ruth, I am a bit jealous of you having strawberries when no one seems to grow them out here. (It’s too hot and dry I guess.) I have found that the most “full” tasting strawberries are the small ones however, so you are doubly fortunate.
    It looks like you are going to have your choice of roosters this year. I hope one is a keeper.

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    1. You can add fresh strawberries to your list of reasons to move back to MI. πŸ™‚
      We think our flock is big enough that we will be able to keep two roosters but three will probably be too many so were really hoping the one is a hen.

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