55 Things # 31 – Flying High

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We have had some visitors bring their drones to the farm this year so I thought I would share some aerial views of our farm.

The first three pictures were taken in the spring. The leaves were not yet on the trees but the forsythia was in bloom. Notice in these first pictures how you can see the shape of the earth. I think that is so cool.

This is our back field. Our property ends just before the neighbors’ pond.

This is the front of our property. Our driveway and the road form the T.

The next three pictures were taken last weekend.

The trees are all leafed out.

I like the reflection of the clouds in the pond.

The prayer garden from above.

Thank You for flying with us. 🙂 Have a great day.

28 thoughts on “55 Things # 31 – Flying High

  1. Flying is fascinating. We have a small airport at the base of the mountain. We have a good view of the hanger and the runway. We often see planes taking off and landing. There is a group of R.C. people who fly out of there. There is also a group of paragliders that fly quite often. They are incredible to watch with their brightly colored chutes climbing high above the mountain. They really must have an amazing view of the countryside. A drone is an awesome way to get that perspective and still have your feet here on the ground.

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  2. Very cool pictures Ruth – how fun to look down and see your place and the red barn makes it hard to hone in on the farm. The pool looks so big in the drone shots and I like the curved Earth pics too.

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      1. I don’t blame you Ruth. A fellow blogger and her husband are interested in photography and she uses a camera and he uses a drone when they go out for walks. Sometimes they will have very fun pictures showing them looking up at the drone, but nothing like this which is your own property.

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  3. What beautiful pictures. I can see all the changes you have made since I was there last. The only things I missed were the chickens running around. They must have be in their pen under the trees, or is that moved?

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