Yesterday’s Harvest

From the garden we harvested green beans, tomatoes, beets and cucumbers.

From one hive we harvested 8 frames of honey and wax. Now the bees are cleaning up the frames.

Honey is our oldest hen. She turned 7 this spring.

From the coop we collected 11 eggs. Only 8 of them made it home though. It seems that Ranger learned a new trick. He figured out how to steal eggs out of the egg basket. They didn’t break until he stepped on them. I’m not sure why he decided to take them – either he thought he had found a new toy or he was telling us he wanted to eat. Crazy Dog! LOL!

24 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Harvest

    1. It sure is a bountiful year. My husband harvested probably 50 more lbs. of honey this weekend out of two hives. There is still one more hive to harvest. They say that angels can come in all forms though I haven’t yet thought of Ranger as an angel. LOL! I’m afraid he got all three of the eggs that we didn’t bring home that day. Anne’s angel egg still remains a mystery.

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      1. Ranger figures he is still the “new kid on the block” which gives him extra liberties. But I am sure he is behaving better now, having settled into a routine with the family. Ranger won’t like eggs if they break and are all gooey – he won’t do that again. Yes, the angel egg might remain a mystery for a while too.

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  1. Yummy, everything looks delicious. Definitely worth all of the watering you had to do this year. The apron story reminds me I have a kids egg apron pattern. I need to try that out and make you a couple for your grandkids .

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  2. That is amusing that Ranger took the eggs.

    Your tale made me think way back to the time my folks kept chickens. We never had many. My mom always wore an apron in the morning while she was doing housework and cooking. I can remember her coming back in he house with the fresh eggs in her apron. I hadn’t thought of that in 60 years.

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