55 Things #30 – A Summer Recipe

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We have cucumbers coming in fast and furious so it is the perfect time of year to enjoy a cucumber salad with very fresh ingredients.

To make my cucumber salad I simply peeled and sliced three cucumbers and dressed them with my Garlic Dill Dip (recipe below). For three cucumbers I cut the dip recipe down by half.

Garlic Dill Dip – 1 pint of sour cream (you can use low fat or whatever you prefer) add several cloves of fresh, minced garlic, 1 or 2 tbsp. of dill either fresh of dried, and about a tsp. of sea salt. Mix all ingredients well. It can be eaten immediately, but the flavor improves if it sits for at least 15 minutes before eating. (I love this for potato chips, Fritos, or as a veggie dip.)


What is your favorite way to eat cucumbers?

12 thoughts on “55 Things #30 – A Summer Recipe

  1. Yummmmm, your garlic dill dip is the best. There have been an abundance of cukes at the farmers market in town. Maybe we will have some cucumber salad this weekend too.

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  2. I dispose of cucumbers by giving them to John and grandson David. Sadly, they usually repeat on me. Eat it once, burp it for hours afterward. Tasting it the first time was enough.


  3. Because I am positive I don’t have a domestic bone in my body, I cannot explain how I peel cucumbers, but I “skin” them so badly, there is not enough left to do anything with them, than to enjoy a “cucumber finger” … okay, stop laughing. I am reluctant to leave the skins on and just slice them that way in case they are not scrubbed enough, so I just don’t eat them anymore. Anyway, my mom used to make them with sour cream like you do, but she also made cucumbers with a vinegar and sugar dressing, and sliced red onions into the cucumbers, which sounds odd, but it was very good.

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    1. Our cucumbers would be safe to eat with the peel on because we don’t use any chemicals. My grandma always had a dish of cucumber and onion slices soaking in vinegar and water. (I don’t think she used sugar) We would eat them as a side dish or sometimes make a sandwich with them.

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      1. Yes, I’d be worried to not scrub off any pesticides so I’ve never done that … if it was in my yard, well … there are critters, some unsavory, back there. Not my fault – we have had rats since a neighbor behind had a pit bull and kept him outside 24/7/365 and fed him table scraps. Then he got rid of the dog and got chickens which he kept in his garage. Sigh. Nothing wrong with dogs or chickens, but it was the way he went about them. My mom loved onions and once the Vidalia onions were in available, she’d use just them, but I still think they used the red onion only for those cukes. I’ve never had cucumber sandwiches – you are fancier than me Ruth. 🙂

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