Childs Play

It’s been a busy week around here (with lovely summer weather I might add) and thus left little time for reading or writing. I did however manage to put together this fun little post from some pictures I had previously taken.

Before we get to the fun and games I will mention our two big accomplishments this week. The first was getting the other three hives of honey harvested. We were blessed with a wonderful harvest this year with the four hives yielding more than 40 quarts of beautiful, delicious honey.

The second was getting the garlic cleaned and sorted. You may remember that we had a small crop this year (somewhere around 400 bulbs) so cleaning and sorting went much quicker than in years past. I spent about 2 hours on each of two consecutive evenings clipping and cleaning. As I worked I sorted the larger bulbs that we will use for seed from the smaller ones. When all was done we ended up with about 160 seed bulbs that we will plant this fall. I expect they will yield between 1000 and 1200 plants. Perfect!

Let The Games Begin

While looking at some of the photos I have taken recently a couple of childhood games came to mind.

Hide and Seek

It seems we often find ourselves searching for fruits and vegetables amongst the foliage.

The grapes are only visible by pushing the leaves aside.

Likewise with pumpkins and squash

And melons.


The other game we play a lot is peek-a-boo.

This sunflower was peeking at me between the corn stalks

And the Black-eyed Susan’s were peeking out from under the spruce tree.

Frogs love to play peek-a-boo!

and even the full moon this month was peeking out from behind the clouds.

Thanks for playing and have a great weekend!

Now tell me do you have a favorite childhood game?

23 thoughts on “Childs Play

  1. Favourite game was always hide and seek. We planted a small grapevine last year–we have a few grapes but the foliage we were hoping would drape over our pergola is being consistently eaten away by very tenacious flying insects!

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  2. Hmmm, my favorite childhood ” games ” were when we could be out after dark under the night sky with the stars shining over us. It didn’t happen often. So those would be catching fireflies or playing flashlight tag. The games we probably played most often, were Red Light Green Light and Red Rover Red Rover, and those were fun too. We also spent hours searching the lawn for four leaf clovers. Then we we got tired of that we would spread a blanket on the grass and lay on our backs , look to the sky and make shapes from the clouds. Great simple memories.

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  3. You sure were productive Ruth! We had beautiful weather as to no rain all week – yay. We had some rain earlier tonight and rumblings before that so did not get on the computer til later. Sounds like we’ll get

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    1. We finally go some rain too but mostly thunder and lightning. The heavy rain and hail missed us by a few miles. We are still hoping and praying for some more rain today. Everything is growing so well it would be a shame to lose it now.

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      1. We have had heavy rain this morning – it is still drizzling out there and supposed to have thunder later, so I am staying put for now – I really only like walking in the morning, not the heat of the day – fingers crossed you get some beneficial rain Ruth.

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      2. My husband saw a report that we got about
        1 1/2 inches of rain this morning. I think it is mostly done for the day but it was very beneficial. also a good morning for a nap. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      3. I heard that we got an inch too Ruth and quickly. Boy, did it pour right after I was here. I left and shut down the computer and pulled the plug as it was rumbling out there. So I did housework instead … productive inside for a change. That was a beneficial rain for sure. And a nice cool week they say – hope they are right!

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