55 Things #40 – Outside My Window

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It was this post in 2016 when I first wrote about being visited by a cardinal. Since then we have a pair of cardinals who regularly visit our court yard. I see them often during fall, winter and spring but then they tend to disappear in the summer. This guy, who visited today, looks young so perhaps he is their offspring. I am looking forward to seeing more of him.

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21 thoughts on “55 Things #40 – Outside My Window

  1. I love watching and listening to the birds. We see wrens, blue jays, and woodpeckers almost daily. And the crows, so so many of them It’s funny not seeing the birds I am so used to from Michigan. An occasional robin or cardinal but I have not seen a chickadee or sparrow. We did see our first bald eagle last week. He was so majestic soaring over the mountains.

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    1. That eagle must have been a beautiful sight. I saw one briefly this summer at the farm. I was pruning the forsythia bushes and I was looking up I saw it fly over the top of the tall maple tree on the west side of our property. It wasn’t very high up – just above the tree top so I could tell it was an eagle. It appeared for only a few seconds before turning west again and was blocked from my view by the maple,
      It was a curious thing this year that we didn’t see many robins like we usually do.
      I wish I was better at bird identification because we have so many around.


  2. Like you, I love cardinals. I have a pair that have nested in the barberry bushes for years. I have not seen them lately and they may have moved due to the Cooper’s Hawk. I will miss them as they always looked so beautiful on the fence with the snowy background. I believe in the legend of the cardinal – my mom loved them.

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